Photo Gallery: Wedding for Grandson of the Bobov-45 Rebbe

Photos by: Avrumi Blum.... read more

Photo Gallery: Boro Park residents joyously prepare for Chanukah

Photos by: Avrhom Moshe S..... read more

Update: Vendor Working for National Grid Steals Pocketbook, Credit Card after Home Inspection Visit

A vendor working for National Grid that was visiting a residential home for an inspection was arrested after stealing a pocketbook and credit card.... read more

A historic Siyum Hashas held this Motzei Shabbos in Boro Park

A historic Siyum Hashas was held this Motzei Shabbos in Boro Park. The Shul Beis Asher D'Yormot is a well-known Shul for many decades to those living.... read more

Asifah in Kehilas Bobov-45 to Pay the Commitments for the New Shul

Photo GalleryA few months back Bobov-45 held a starter event in which pledges were made by generous supporters to help fund the massive Bobov-45 shul.... read more

Photo Gallery: Hisvadus for Yat Kislev

Update: Three People Injured in Accident on 46th Street

Three people were transported by Hatzolah to Maimonides Medical Center following an accident on 14th Avenue and 46th Street early Monday morning.Two.... read more

Photo Gallery: Uvos Ibunim in Shenyitza Shul in Boro Park

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Photo Gallery: Vosloi Rebbe visits Rebbes in Boro Park

Photos by: Avrhom Moshe S..... read more

Suspect Arrested for Stealing Pushkas from 18th Ave Store

A suspect was arrested by the NYPD with the assistance of Shomrim after he returned to steal from a Pushka located in a store on 18th Avenue and 59th.... read more