Snapshot: Quick Fix Mobile Tire Repair

Snapshot: Quick Fix Mobile Tire Repair

Many car owners neglect the condition of their vehicles due to laziness. After all, keeping your vehicle in shape is not the most enjoyable task. It requires plenty of time and patience. 

Luckily, convenient options exist. Quick Fix Mobile Tire Repair covers all your repair needs from oil changes, tire changes, brake repairs, or car battery replacements. The auto repair company will drive down to the convenience of your home to repair your vehicle and restore it to its original condition. All you need to do is make the call.

Quick Fix also has corporate accounts, where they regularly maintain companies’ vehicles. In that case, Quick Fix takes care of scheduling and executing regular maintenance checks which completely takes the car maintenance responsibility off the companies' backs. 

One of the services Quick Fix Mobile offers is tire rotations. Yechiel Asia, the owner of Quick Fix, recommends switching the front and back tires every so often. “People don’t realize how important it is to have tires that are in good condition, explains Yechiel.

"When a tire is rubbed out, it has no traction, which could be very dangerous, chas vshalom, on wet roads. The front tires get more wear and tear. We, therefore, recommend scheduled tire rotations."

Like tire rotations, vehicles require various maintenance checks in order to prevent emergencies and heartache.

But rest assured, the auto repair shop on wheels also steps in to save the day during emergency situations. 

It is no fun being stranded on the highway with a flat. However, Quick fix can take the edge off the stress. You call, they come and fix, and before you know it, you’re back on track.

While stranded drivers can rely on local emergency services to come to the rescue, there’s only so much they can do. If your battery dies, they’ll come and boost it. If you need to pop on your spare tire, they will come with the proper tools. But what happens if you don’t have a spare? If the whole rim of your tire needs replacement? Or if you need new brakes installed right away?  

In that case, the full-fledged mechanic on wheels steps in.   

“We once had a story with someone stranded on the highway in a sports car,” remembers Yechiel. “That’s a custom order, not a regular fix. We had to track down parts, and who would have them available. Baruch Hashem, we got him up and running.”

Quick Fix Mobile operates its three fix-it vans in all five boroughs, servicing all customers who call.   

“We have a relationship with other similar services in Monsey, Monroe, and Lakewood, for callers who are further out,” explains Yechiel. 

Quick Fix services all types of vehicles including trucks and buses. 

“If it’s rubber and round, we do it,” Yechiel concludes.   

718-677-8473 may be a number you want handy.

Call or Whatsapp.

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