New Vinderkind On Shelves Now

With the new month of Iyar comes the much-anticipated new edition of the Vinderkind magazine and USB. This edition, like all Vinderkind editions,.... read more

Dee Voch Afikomen Subscription Special!

Dee Voch is more than just a magazine; it’s the talk in the circles and on the cheder buses. The weekly magazine is jam packed with content for.... read more

NEW RELEASE: A Shabbos and Melave Malka Treasure to Elevate and Inspire

The holy Shabbos, and the seudas Melave Malka with which we escort the holy Shabbos queen, are sacred highlights of every week in every Yiddishe.... read more

Erecting a World Center for Torah and Chassidus

Klal Yisroel around the world is enveloped in a holy fervor to lend a hand to the holy project of building a world.... read more

Project Focus Inspires Simchas Purim Through Small, Meaningful Steps

 Project Focus has inspired thousands of individuals to minimize the distractions of technology and maximize simcha hachaim.The.... read more

Children of Boro Park Will Help Chaveirim This Purim

YS Gold Around the year, the Chaveirim organization is there for the entire community—no.... read more

TONIGHT: Unger, Kempeh, and Schapiro Take Stage at Debut ‘Kumzing’ Event

The Kumzing phenomenon is legendary in Israel for bringing together music stars and afficionados of Jewish music.... read more

Kik Vinkel Launching Daily Paper Named Hamefarsim

YS Gold For a number of years now, the Kik Vinkel has been a valuable weekly Yiddish publication filled with fascinating features,.... read more

Doing for Ourselves: Chaveirim of Boro Park Needs Our Help

YS Gold Twenty years ago, when Chaveirim of Boro Park was founded, it started out as a small organization where a few volunteers.... read more

C my Heart TODAY! Yameitz Libecha urges: Hear the cry of CHD patients in your community

By: Frimet BlumYameitz Libecha’s “C my Heart” campaign has gone live – and now they’re.... read more

50% SOLD OUT! Kumzing with Shmueli Ungar and Naftali Kempa THIS SUNDAY!

Music enthusiasts and fans are in for a special treat as Kumzing, the acclaimed concert from Eretz Yisroel, makes its debut in the States for the.... read more

Experience Unmatched Elegance: Ben Melech Shtreimel's Pre-Pesach Sale

True, it's not yet Purim, but smart shoppers are already looking ahead to Pesach by visiting Ben Melech Shtreimel to check out the.... read more

Hickory Meat Boards Offers Festive Flavors Purim and all Year

YS Gold Purim is fast approaching, and people are making feverish preparations for the joyous and holy Yom Tov. Two of the.... read more

Your Costume Will be Forgotten, But Your Dee Voch Ad will be Long Remembered

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Experience Unmatched Elegance: Ben Melech Shtreimel's Pre-Pesach Sale

Experience the epitome of elegance this Pesach season with a Ben Melech Shtreimel.Prepare to elevate.... read more

Boro Park Shuls and Mosdos to Receive Step-by-Step Guidance for $200,000 Security Grant Application

by M.C. MillmanThe Boro Park JCC (BPJCC) and the Community Security Initiative (CSI) will hold a Security Summit for Boro Park shuls and.... read more

This Purim, Make a Statement with Your Mishloach Monos

YS Gold Lilac and Crème has become known as the bespoke gift-giving choice of dairy delectable.... read more

Shasathon Live Siyum Celebration - STARTING 6:45PM - Watch Live

Shasathon Live Siyum Celebration starting 6:45pmToday, over six hundred Lomdim joined together with one voice to complete Shas, channeling.... read more