Khal Birchas Menachem Opens New Magnificent Shul for Yom Tov

Khal Birchas Menachem Opens New Magnificent Shul for Yom Tov

By Idy Perl

Hundreds of Khal Birchas Menachem chassidim are eagerly preparing for the historical opening of their new shul in time for Pesach. This long-awaited moment has come after years of moving around and davening in small spaces throughout Boro Park that were unfit to accommodate them all.

The beautiful kehillah Birchas Menachem, under the guidance of Rav Yehoshia Nosson Feifer shlita, is well known throughout the city as serious mevakshei Hashem. The kehilla has been growing rapidly the last few years and has been waiting to find a permanent location to continue thriving.

The new shul building, formerly the Agudah Shul, on 50th Street between 15th and 16th Avenue, was purchased recently and has been undergoing necessary renovations the last few months to prepare it for the kehilla. Located in the center of Boro Park, Khal Birchas Menachem will be a lighthouse for the city; a place where all can come to learn and daven.

Finally, after much waiting and anticipation, the kehillah will be davening in the new, beautiful shul for the first time on Pesach, an auspicious day for such a new beginning.  

The shul will feature a stunning heichel bais medrash, a mikvah, and a heichel hatorah that will be completed in the coming weeks. In addition, there will be a massive otzer hasforim where lomdei torah can find any and all seforim that they seek.

Boro Park residents wish the Birchas Menachem kehilla and the Rav a big mazel tov on this new beginning. May the new shul be a place of kavod shamayim, where yidden will come to serve Hashem with pride and joy.

Mazel tov!

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