News Roundup: Accident in Williamsburg; Massive Fire in Pepsi Factory; Maserati SUV goes Electric and more

Accident in Williamsburg involving an NYPD Vehicle causes Minor Injuries

Hatzolah and emergency services were at the scene of an accident involving an NYPD vehicle on Bedford Ave and Park Ave last night.

The police car was speeding past a red light while heading to a call and hit an oncoming car at the intersection causing damage to both vehicles. 

Minor injuries were reported.

Massive Fire Tears through New Jersey Pepsi Factory

A five alarm blaze erupted in a Pepsi factory in Piscataway, New Jersey on Tuesday night around 6:30 pm. The massive inferno sent gigantic plumes of smoke and fire into the sky.

It was unclear what sparked the blaze although Local residents reported hearing explosions that might have come from propane tanks and accelerated the blaze, ABC 7 reported.

“All employees and people who were in the facility have been evacuated with no injuries,” Pepsi-Co reportedly said in a statement, adding the fire was under investigation.

Two firefighters, though, were injured while fighting the flames.

Maserati SUV Goes Electric

Maserati, the luxury car brand, introduced its first SUV that has gone all-electric.

While gas-powered versions of Maserati’s latest SUV, will be available later this year, the Italian brand said its new electric SUV, called the Grecale Folgore, will be available for sale in 2023.

By 2025, Maserati will create an electric version of every model, Maserati executives said, and by 2030 only electric versions will be available altogether.

One “Black Box” Found, Amid Rubble of Chinese Plane Crash that Killed 132

Chinese emergency workers have found one of the two “black boxes,” which record flight data and pilots’ communications, from the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed on Monday: killing 132 people onboard.

The black box device, which is actually bright orange, that was recovered is likely the plane's cockpit voice recorder, but it is severely damaged, a Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) official said.

Chinese officials do not know what caused the plane to nose-dive into a mountainous region in the Guangxi Province in China, but the black box could provide some answers. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has ordered a full investigation of the deadly plane crash.

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