Weekly Weather: Gradually Warming as We Begin Spring

by Yaker Biegeleisen As we inch closer to the beginning of spring, the weather will gradually warm up as the week progresses. Sunday will.... read more

Weekend Weather: Storm to Our North Brings Warm and Cold Air

by Yaker Bigeleisen We have seen beautiful weather on Thursday, beginning a bigger trend of warming as we inch closer to spring. A storm is.... read more

Weekly Weather: Nor’easter to Impact Tri-State Area First Part of Week

by Yaker Biegeleisen A powerful storm is taking shape for our area, and the rain that we have had since Sunday night is just the.... read more

Weekend Weather: A Cold, Rainy Friday night with Potential for Snow

by Yaker Biegeleisen This weekend will see cold rain with the possibility of snow. Friday night will see rain throughout the night, with.... read more

Weekly Weather: Cold Weather for Purim Week

By: Yaker Biegeleisen We begin the week with a balmy 50 degrees and sunny conditions for Sunday and Monday. This will drop into the 30’s.... read more

Weekend Weather: Storm Will Bring Freezing Precipitation, Heavy Rain and Wind Friday Night

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen A storm will arrive late Friday afternoon and will bring some heavy weather to our area. It will begin as freezing.... read more

Weekly Weather: Storm on the Horizon

By: Yaker BiegeleisenAnother week, another similar pattern—except that this week, we are looking at snowfall midweek. Following a cold.... read more

Weekend Weather: Temps to Plummet, Again

By: Yaker BiegeleisenFollowing a week that saw temps go up and down, a cold front passed this morning, changing things over to a colder air.... read more

Weekly Weather: A Mixed bag of Weather. Snow on the way?

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen This week looks to be a real mix of temperatures and conditions, with warm weather, cold weather, rain, and snow, all.... read more

Weekly Weather: Another Mild Week Ahead of Some Cooling

By: Yaker Biegeleisen We may get a little bit of rain this evening thanks to a storm to our south, but the rest of the week follows a similar.... read more

Weekly Weather: Warming up Ahead of Storm at End of Week

By: Yaker BiegeleisenNYC experienced a “deep freeze” over the weekend, with temps of 4 degrees reached in Central Park. But as we head.... read more

Weekend Weather: Subzero Temperatures Here

By: Yaker Biegeleisen The bitter cold is here. We are currently experiencing low 20 degree temps, but the wind is making it feel even.... read more

Weekly Weather: Some rain in Forecast, Colder Weather Ahead

BY: Yaker Biegeleisen Following some above-average temperature over last weekend, Monday will see temps in the forties. Tuesday will see a.... read more

Weekend Weather: Slightly Milder For Shabbos

By Yaker Biegeleisen While the last two days have been slightly cooler and windier, the weather will warm up slightly for Shabbos. This is.... read more

Weekly Weather: Rain Followed by Colder Weather

By Yaker BiegeleisenSunday evening into Monday, we will see some rain throughout our area. It can potentially end as a brief slushy mix or even snow..... read more

Weekend Weather: Temps Drop as Cold Front Arrives

By: Yaker BiegeleisenThe showers we have had for more than a day will move out sometime Friday morning, followed by a cold front.While we have.... read more

Weekend Weather: Drying up, Cooling Down

By: Yaker Biegeleisen We saw a fair bit of rain this week, and together with that came milder temperatures. As we head into shabbos the rain.... read more

Weekly Weather: Minor 'Disturbance' May Bring a Coating, Chilly Weather for Rest of Week

By Yaker Biegeleisen To start the week, we have a minor storm that may bring a small coating of snow, but it is unlikely that it will turn into.... read more