Weekend Weather: High Heat Followed by Cold Front Shabbos Afternoon

by Yaker Biegeleisen Friday will be very hot, with temps reaching the upper 90’s and feeling like the 106! The.... read more

Weekly Weather: Nice Weather to Start the Week, Steadily Warming

YS Gold The beautiful, low-humidity weather that we had over Shabbos will hold for the first few days of the.... read more

Weekend Weather: Chance of Rain Followed by Beautiful Weather for Shabbos

Yaker Biegeleisen There is a chance of rain for Friday afternoon into the evening. If it does it come, the shower will be.... read more

Weekly Weather: Lots of Rain, with Flooding on the Way

Yaker Biegeleisen On top of the torrent of rain that we received in the last week, there is a lot of rain on the way. On Sunday,.... read more

Weekend Weather; Rounds of Showers and Muggy Conditions in Forecast

YS Gold The rainy weather has returned Thursday evening, and it will remain with us through Friday. The stormy weather.... read more

Weekly Weather: Sunshine After Torrential Rain, Followed by More Rain

Yaker Biegeleisen New York City saw a downpour of close to an inch of rain within one hour yesterday evening—while areas outside.... read more

Weekend Weather: Hot and Humid Weather Continues, Chance of Showers

Yaker Biegeleisen The heat and the humidity that we have seen in the later part of the week will continue into Friday and.... read more

Weekly Weather: More Rain in Forecast

Yaker BiegelesenThe rain from last week is being followed up by more rain this week. Sunday will remain cloudy, and we.... read more

Weekend Weather: Clear, with Temps in 80’s

Yaker Biegeleisen This past week saw much-needed rain for our area, making a small dent in the ore-drought conditions that we’ve.... read more

Weekly Weather: Sunny Weather Mixed with Thunderstorms

YS Gold This week will see a mix of hot weather in the low 80's, sprinkled with chances for thunderstorms. Sunday and.... read more

Weekend Weather: Rain at Last

by Yaker Biegeleisen Friday afternoon is our next chance for rain, and the trend will continue into Shabbos, where we’re expected to.... read more

Weekly Weather: A Warm Start, Potential Showers This Week

Yaker Biegeleisen The week begins warm and seasonal, with temps reaching into the 80's. The possibility of rain is.... read more

Weekend Weather: Rain for Friday Afternoon Some Possible Rain on Shabbos

Yaker BiegeleisenAn “upper-level low-pressure system” is spinning out over our area, bringing heavy thunderstorms and possibly.... read more

Weekly Weather: Mild Smoke Returns as we Begin a Warmer Week, with Potential for Much-Needed Rain

Yaker Biegeleisen We begin the week with the return of some mild smoke from the Canadian fires, though nothing close to what we had.... read more

Weekend Weather: As Low Pressure Retreats, Smoke to Finally Clear

by Yaker Biegeleisen The smoke and haze from earlier in the week—which reached historic AQI numbers of above 400–has been slowly.... read more

Weekly Weather: Clear, With Spots of Rain

Yaker Biegeleisen This week will see another comfortable pattern, with lots of sun and warm weather this.... read more

Weekend Weather: Heat Ahead of 'Backdoor Cold Front'

Yaker BiegeleisenFriday will see another hot day, with temps reaching 90 degrees. A cold front usually comes from the west,.... read more

Weekly Weather: Sunny and Dry for the Week Ahead, Temps to Reach 90 at Week's End

by Yaker Biegeleisen We continue our streak of beautiful, sunny weather for the week ahead, thanks to a high-pressure system.... read more