BPJCC and United Task Force Set Sail on a Holocaust Survivor Cruise

By M. C. MillmanIn a first-time-ever effort, the BPJCC and United Task Force have put together an extraordinary event, a Holocaust.... read more

Shirim v’Shiurim Volume 3 Hits Stores, Bringing the Heart and Energy into Homes Everywhere

Yehuda Alter As the days of sefirah come to a close, a new season of music is upon us—and what better way to welcome it than.... read more

The Story May Unfortunately Seem Brief and Unremarkable, but It Holds a Great Deal of Significance, and Only You Can Make the Ending of It Somewhat Better!

Meet R’ Mendi Steinmetz Z”l, a beloved resident of Antwerp who was highly esteemed in his community. A while ago he was diagnosed with cancer..... read more

Hatzolah Launches “Stop the Rush” Campaign, Imploring Community to Drive Safely Even at Stressful Times

YS GoldAs the Hatzolah-Thon 2023 to raise funds for Hatzolah’s lifesaving work winds down, Hatzolah does not for a moment take its.... read more

The Halacha Revolution Reaches Boro Park

A groundbreaking new Halachic education program designed specifically for Baalei Batim.Kinyan.... read more

BINA Stroke and Brain Injury Assistance is hosting the BX23 Rehabilitation and Disability Expo.

Clarity. Connection. Community.Vendors - take advantage of this unique opportunity to publicize your products and services to the.... read more

Lag Ba’Omer Kinnus to feature Avraham Fried, Yiddish Nachas, fantastic Ventriloquist, Brand new episode of Yeedele and much more at new 13th ave location

YS GoldA grand celebration in honor of the heilige Rashbi will take place together with R'.... read more

Lag BaOmer in New Jersey

The annual influx of thousands at the kever of Rav Naftuli Tzvi Halberstam of Bobov zt”l is once again greatly anticipated.Thousands.... read more

THIS SUNDAY: JCON Will Help Hundreds Chart Career Path

Thousands will be gathered at the Palace hall this Sunday for the JCON conference, which has become a central meeting place for business leaders.... read more

AD: 7 Months Ago, Yehuda Aryeh Leib Was Playing Music At Weddings, Click Here For His Update

I am reaching out to you on behalf of my nephew, Yehuda Aryeh Leib Ben Esther Elka who can no longer speak no hear. Yehuda is a 25.... read more

AD: Boro Park Takes Part in 23rd Annual Keren Simchas Chusen V'Kallah Auction

Keren Simchas Chusen V'Kallah invites all Boro Park residents to partake in its 23rd annual auction at their auctioneer bus parked on 13th Avenue.... read more

‘15 Minute Halacha’ Begins New Volume of Mishna Berura

by YS GoldWhat began as a riveting halacha shiur to a small group of people in Radoshitzer shul in Airmont has evolved into a.... read more


The center, led by R’ Moshe Yosef Friedlander, is taking kvitlach on behalf of the global.... read more

Boro Park’s Largest Senior Event of the Year Is Coming in May

By M.C. MillmanBoro Park’s largest senior event of the year is just around the corner as the Boro Park Jewish Community Council puts the.... read more

Center Spirit Magazine’s Pesach Issue Captures Readers’ Imaginations

By Yehudit GarmaiseIn between seders, shul, meals, and visiting with family and friends in the coming days, we need some reading that we.... read more

AD: Menachem Toporowitz Z’L, a loving husband and father of five young children, all under the age of 15, was suddenly niftar

BORUCH DAYAN HAEMESMenachem Toporowitz Z’L Rachmana Litzlan, a family has been torn apart, and a community is in mourning. Without.... read more

ON NEWSSTANDS: Dee Voch Mega Pesach Edition Delivers Stunning Content

by YS GoldThe Yiddish-reading public has come to expect a feast for the senses in Dee Voch’s magazine each and every week, but.... read more