Snapshot: Yamulkes, Talisim, Seforim - and Service

Snapshot: Yamulkes, Talisim, Seforim - and Service

By David J. Glenn

Shloimy Mossberg was working for several years at a Hebrew publishing company when he decided to go out on his own.

"It was time to move on," he said." You can't work for someone else forever."

He opened Shloimy's Judaica at 4405 15th Ave., in 2002, and has had a following of loyal and new customers ever since.

He offers an array of yamulkahs, talisim, talis bags, tefillin and other leather goods, and of course, seforim, at a range of prices. The most popular books, he said, are those in English on Jewish thought and teachings.

Asked what his specialty item was, he answered, "Our service. We spend a lot of time with our customers."

Shloimy's clientele includes people coming in to buy gifts for upsherim, bar mitzvahs, and other simchas. "We have much to choose from," he said.

Many also come to peruse the array of seforim.

Shloimy had to rely on phone sales during the 2020 Covid closures, but now he's able to offer again the kind of personal service his customers appreciate.

"It's why they keep coming back," he said.

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