Snapshot: Photo Island Studio provides high end photography for Low Prices

Snapshot: Photo Island Studio provides high end photography for Low Prices

By: Yehuda Alter  

Volvi Mandel is a young entrepreneur. He opened the Photo Island Studio in a storefront on 4512 11th Avenue, and BoroPark24 was given an “inside view” beyond the lens. 

Volvi explains the uniqueness of his business model, which he believes is new to our community. 

“What we have introduced is a low-cost solution for high-end photo shoots. The customer comes to our studio during the day, and by the evening the customer is in possession of the entire stock of photos. 

“We do what the industry calls ‘light touch-ups,’ and we select the best photos. But we don’t do intensive editing—and this enables the customer to walk away with beautiful portraits for an affordable price.” 

Photo Island has designed its studio with families and children in mind. “Everyone knows how challenging it is to get children to cooperate during photo shoots. They’re time-consuming, and we want the child to smile and be expressive at just the right moment. It helps when we place them in a relaxed, fun atmosphere—for the parents and the children. 

“Our comfortable waiting rooms include changing rooms, toys, prizes, and a wide array of props for upsheren photos and others.” 

Volvi laughs as he relates the many different preferences that people have in choosing the time for their photo shoot. ‘Some want it on Sunday, our busiest day. Some want it first thing in the morning, before the children leave for cheder. Some want it mid-afternoon before the baby’s nap, and some want it after the nap. And then some want it late afternoon, when the children are home from school. So, Baruch Hashem, we are constantly busy.” 

Photo Island offers many packages for their digital pictures, and a state-of-the-art website, where appointments can be booked easily and conveniently. 

Volvi is actually from Williamsburg himself, and aside from his ambitions to branch out to many locations—why has he chosen Boro Park in which to launch his business? “Boro Park has a large, unique clientele that we feel is ready for our kind of business. In addition, we have placed ourselves in a very strategic location, near public transportation, and close by to other communities.” 

So what is next for this young man and his new business? “We are looking at Flatbush, Lakewood, and beyond,” Volvi says. ‘The sky is the limit.” 

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