Enod’s Better Men's wear coming to Boro Park.

Enod’s Better Men's wear coming to Boro Park.

Pristine white shirts, pressed black pants, and soft folded sweaters are stacked neatly on the shelves of Enod, a men’s clothing store waiting to open its doors on 13th Ave. 

The high-quality clothing brand, currently selling in stores in Canada, London and Israel, is bringing its fine goods to Boro Park in its own spacious location which is set to open on March 20th. 

Enod offers a wide variety of men’s clothing so no matter how you dress, you will find your fit at Enod.

In addition to the quality shirts, pants and knit wear, Enod will be selling stretch pants, which is a new exclusive item to benefit all. 

 For men who are physically more active during the day but want to wear nice-looking pants, Enod’s innovative stretch pants may be the solution. 

With their beautiful store, fine quality, and even better service, Enod will leave you no choice other than to shop away.

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