Acquisition of Torah Temima Building for Satmar Talmud Torah Announced at Dinner

By YS GoldAttendees at the dinner to benefit the Satmar mosdos in Boro Park were apprised of an incredible development that is causing ripples of.... read more

Amazon Shuttles Employees in Driverless Taxis on Public Roads

By Yehudit GarmaiseHas, which acquired the auto-taxi company “Zoox” in 2020 for an undisclosed sum, pulled ahead of Tesla in providing.... read more

NYPD Takes Down Retail Crime Ring, Arresting 41

by Mindy CohnNew York Attorney General Letitia James was joined by Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD at the attorney general's office to announce the.... read more

New Fundraising Program to Boost Small-Dollar Donors in N.Y. Races

by BoroPark24 StaffThe new statewide Public Campaign Finance Program seeks to boost small-dollar donations for political campaigns.Launched in.... read more

NYC Loses $12 Billion Every Year as Only 50% of Employees Return to Their Offices

By Yehudit GarmaiseDoes New York City’s excitement and economy depend on employees returning to the office?With only 50% of New Yorkers working in.... read more

Suspect Arrested Friday Night for Ongoing String of Boro Park Break-Ins

by M.C. MillmanAn individual suspected of being responsible for a number of break-ins around Boro Park over the last few weeks was arrested early.... read more

Microchip Shortage Forces Credit Card Customers to Wait Months for New Plastic

By Yehudit GarmaiseInstead of the five to 10-days that credit card customers usually wait to receive new plastic, thanks to a global semiconductor.... read more

Crashes by NYC Government-Wwned Vehicles Get More Costly

by Meir SternhillAccidents caused by vehicles owned by New York City's government are costing the city more each year, according to a report by.... read more

Going Green: Record Number of Solar Panels Installed in NYC

by Meir SternhillThe sight of solar panels atop roofs in the New York City region is not as uncommon as a few short years ago.Nearly 10,000 panels.... read more

Mayor Adams Solicits State for $4.2 Billion to Cover Mounting Migrant Bill

by M.C. MillmanMayor Eric Adams has put a new price tag on the more than 44,000 asylum-seeking migrants, requesting that State lawmakers agree.... read more

Bluzev to Inaugurate New Beis Medrash in Honor of Simcha

By YS GoldThe courts of Bluzev and Roslowitz will be celebrating a chasunah next Wednesday. The chosson is Yisroel, the son of the Bluzever Rebbe,.... read more

Weekend Weather: Following Record-Breaking Temps, Cold Weather to Return

By Yaker Biegeleisen Thursday’s temperatures of 71 degrees in Islip, 69 in Central Park, broke records for this time of year. Friday.... read more

Bird Flu Has Become a Year-Round Issue While Spreading to New Countries

by Mindy CohnThe Avian flu, which was first the cause of chicken prices rising during COVID and now the cause of egg prices skyrocketing, has spread.... read more

Hyundai and Kia Installing Software Patch to Prevent Car Thieves

by Mindy CohnAfter insurance companies began refusing to offer coverage for Hyundai and Kia vehicles, given how easy it has been to steal the cars,.... read more

New Yorkers Can See SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites in Night Sky

By Yehudit GarmaiseStargazing New Yorkers who look up tonight might notice a new chain of lights in the night sky.The line of illuminated satellites.... read more

World Bank President Announces Plan to Step Down

by Mindy Cohn After a recent controversy over climate change comments, World Bank President David Malpass announced on Wednesday that he will be.... read more

80 Yungeleit from Belzer Kehillah Complete Semicha Program

BY: YS GoldOn Monday night the dayonim of the Belzer Kehillah in Brooklyn gathered with eighty young avreichim from the local Belzer Kehillah for an.... read more