BDE: Mrs. Perl Friedman, a”h

  • May 19 2024
  • |
  • 11:12 AM

BDE: Mrs. Chaya Brieger, a”h

  • May 19 2024
  • |
  • 11:10 AM

BDE: The Strelisker Rebbe, zt”l

YS Gold We regret to inform you of the petirah of Rav Yaakov Shlomo Klughaupt, the Strelisker Rebbe, zt”l, one of the most.... read more

Tomorrow: Bobov’s 3rd Business Expo Taking Place

Tomorrow afternoon, the Bobover Business Expo will take place at the Ateres Golda Hall.The event will feature dozens of booths with Bobover.... read more

BoroPark24 2024 Early Shabbos Minyanim List

You rely on BoroPark24 for your news all the time. Now you can rely on BoroPark24 for your early Shabbos minyan times as well. Visit.... read more

BoroPark24 Road Advisory – Weekend of 5/17 - 5/20

Check in with the BP24 Advisory for direction and guidance as you take to the road. We are here to help steer you in the right.... read more

Dear DOT: Boro Park Residents Have Had Enough

Several Boro Park shop owners have expressed frustration towards the City and the DOT regarding the ongoing construction on 13th.... read more

Just In: Joel Eisdorfer, Mayor's Jewish Advisor, Steps Down from City Hall

After several years serving as the Jewish advisor to Mayor Adams, it was announced today that Joel Eisdorfer will leave City Hall in the coming.... read more

Grab Your Helmets, We’re Biking to Work!

The NY Department of Transportation is inviting NYC residents to ditch their cars and join a citywide.... read more

EBT System Conversion and Outage Scheduled for Sunday

This Sunday, May 19, New York’s Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system will be converting to a new system and will therefore be unavailable.... read more

Photo Gallery: Atzeres Tefillah For Kosover Rebbe

The Kosover Rebbe, who has been receiving treatment for the last few months, suddenly took a turn last night, prompting his chassidim to organize.... read more

Anyone Want A… Boat?

New York City is currently auctioning off an old Staten Island Ferry at a starting bid of $155,000. The auction is listed on Public Surplus, a.... read more

Photo Gallery: Thousands Daven at the Tzion of the Yampoli Rebbe Zt"l

This past Monday, on the day of the Yampoli Rebbe Zt"l's yartzeit, large crowds flocked to the tzion, located in the Mount Judah Cemetery in the.... read more

Lelov Nikolsburg Rebbe To Visit Boro Park

The Lelov Nikolsburg Rebbe is heading out on a short trip to come to New York, he will be spending this Shabbos with his chassidim in Boro.... read more

New Law To Protect Small Businesses Goes Into Effect

Local Law 151, a new law protecting small businesses, went into effect today.The new law aims to protect small businesses by.... read more

Mayor Adams Announces Urban Rat Summit

In what is probably one of the most shocking things he’s said this week, Mayor Adams announced that he does, in fact, hate.... read more

NYC Ferry Announces Summer Schedule

The NYC Ferry has announced their new summer schedule with additional routes, which will go into effect on Monday, May 20th.The new.... read more

Breaking: Mail Theft Gone Wrong

In a story currently still unfolding, Shomrim received a call about an ongoing mail theft at 18th Ave and 62nd Street involving 2.... read more

DOT Commissioner Advocating for More Red Light Cameras

NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez is heading to Albany today to advocate for legislature to renew and expand.... read more