UPDATED: Terror in Tel Aviv

by YS GoldUPDATE 3:55pm: Following the terrorist attack in which three men were injured, Hamas claimed credit for the attack and said that this.... read more

Weekly Real Estate Listings: Your Search Ends Here!

Check out the updated Real Estate section on BoroPark24https://www.boropark24.com/classifieds/category/real-estate/Yours can also be posted and seen.... read more

National Slam the Scam Day Observed for Third Year

by M.C. MillmanNational Slam the Scam Day, launched in 2020 to combat Social-Secuirty related scams, takes place on March 9 and is an initiative.... read more

Port of NY Border Patrol Seizes 23 Stolen, Luxury Cars, One Packed with Explosives: Headed for Sale in Africa

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter conducting a five-day investigation last month, Customs and Border Protection officials at the Port of New York/Newark.... read more

President Biden to Propose $3 Trillion in Deficit Reductions

By Yehudit GarmaiseTwo months after US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen initiated extreme measures to prevent the US from defaulting on its debts,.... read more

BDE: R’ Yeshaya Spitz, z”l, 103, Holocaust Survivor

by YS Gold We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of R’ Yeshaya Spitz, a longtime Boro Park resident who came here to rebuild his home.... read more

Believing Tesla Might Have Steered Consumers Wrong the NHTSA Is Investigating Steering Wheel Issues

by M.C. MillmanThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration began an investigation into Tesla after receiving two complaints about the steering.... read more

Target's Curbside Service to Offer Returns and Starbucks Pickup

by M.C. MillmanAfter a successful trial run in Minneapolis, Target Shoppers will soon be able to make a return and order Starbucks at some locations.... read more

Digital US Dollar? It May Come Sooner Than You Think

by Meir SternhillFourteen years after the first cryptocurrency emerged, the United States government is getting into the game.A working group culled.... read more

NYC Bill Would Require Safety Packs for Fire-prone Lithium Batteries

Coming amid a spate of fires caused by lithium batteries exploding, a bill proposed last week Thursday in the New York City Council would require.... read more

Brooklyn South Provides Express NYC Ferry to Wall Street

By Yehudit GarmaiseBoro Park commuters who board the South Brooklyn ferry to get to Manhattan can now get to the city in half the time.From 6:15am to.... read more

Banks Boosting Rates on Deposits to Combat the Fall in Deposits

BoroPark24 StaffA fall in banking deposits has caused a costly development for the US banking industry.According to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp..... read more

Amazon Go-Going-Gone as the Company Is Set to Close Eight Casherless Locations

by Mindy CohnEight cashierless Amazon Go locations are set to close in Amazon's latest round of cost-cutting measures resulting from slowing sales.... read more

Israeli Bamba Recall Due to Foreign Substances in Bags

by M. C. MillmanOsem announced a recall for a specific Bamba package that might contain foreign substances.Bamba was created in 1964 and was marketed.... read more

Progressive Chicago Mayor’s Resounding Defeat Sends Nationwide Politicians a Message, Mayor Adams said

By Yehudit GarmaiseAre progressive mayors in America being shown the door by big-city voters?Just four years after Ultra-Progressive Chicago Mayor.... read more

NYC Provides Free Help With Tax Prep That Dramatically Increases New Yorkers’ Tax Refunds

By Yehudit Garmaise"New Yorkers who take advantage of New York City’s new free tax preparation services can see dramatic increases in their.... read more

NYPD Brass Visit Williamsburg Community as Purim Festivities Get Underway, Promise Enforcement of Safe Driving

YS Gold The Williamsburg community is known for its fervent celebration of Purim—a time in which there is incredible joy and celebration in.... read more

Electric Leap in Car Ownership for New Yorkers

by Mindy CohnOwnership rates of electric cars within New York City and its suburbs have nearly doubled since 2020.According to data from Atlas Public.... read more