Chaveirim Adds to Its Mini-Vehicle Fleet

BoroPark24 staff

Chaveirim is well known for its fast response time whenever a Yid is in need, should it be a car or home lockout, a flat.... read more

Mastercard and Visa Protest Reports of Increase in Merchant Credit Card Fees

by Mindy Cohn

Mastercard has denied rumors that the credit card company plans to increase merchant.... read more

Bais Brocho of Karlin Stolin Completes Building in Time for new School Year

YS Gold 

One of Boro Park’s veteran mosdos hachinuch, Bais Brocho of Karlin Stolin has been growing exponentially, and a proper.... read more

UPDATED: United Airlines Flights Resumed Following Ground Stop Order

BoroPark24 Staff

Update 2:06 p.m.:

A message was sent out by United Airlines stating:

"We have identified a fix for the.... read more

NYC's Cooling Centers Open as Temperatures Soar

by Mindy Cohn

Given the National Weather Service's heat advisory, which began today at 11 a.m. and extends through  8 p.m. tomorrow,.... read more

New Door-Locking System Increases NYC Public School Safety

by Mindy Cohn

New York City is starting the new school year with a new door-locking system, as reported by read more

New BA.2.86 COVID Variant Detected in NYC Wastewater

by Mindy Cohn

The City Health Department noted that the new coronavirus variant BA.2.86 can now be found in New York City wastewater,.... read more

Mosquito Spraying in Boro Park

By: C.G. Hoffman

The New York City Health Department has announced that it will be spraying anti-mosquito pesticides in parts of.... read more

TSA Sends More Security Workers to JFK to Combat Long Lines

by Mindy Cohn

Just in time for Labor Day weekend, the TSA sent 200 additional workers, including K9s, to JFK Airport to help reduce long.... read more

Shopper Beware! Erev Yom Tov and School Shopping Season Has Thieves on the Lookout for a Good Deal

By M.C. Millman

Shomrim has released yet another wanted poster, this time for a pair of thieves working in sync to steal from a customer.... read more

Magnificent Bnos Zion D'Bobov Building to be Inaugurated in Advance of Academic Year

YS Gold 

Boro Park residents have watched in amazement as the enormous building of the Bobover girls school, Bnos Zion, went up at.... read more

New SNAP Standards Cost-of-Living Adjustments In Effect October 1

Mindy Cohn

New SNAP standards will go into.... read more

NYC Sanitation Announces Trash, Compost, and Recycling Collection Schedule for Labor Day

BoroPark24 Staff

In advance of the Labor Day holiday, the New York City Department of Sanitation announced that on  Labor Day, Monday,.... read more

85,000 Highchairs Recalled Due to Reports of Falls, Including Famous "Boon" Highchair

by Mindy Cohn

TOMY International Inc. is recalling more than 85,000 highchairs sold at major retailers.... read more

Roadwork Alert: Lane Closures Suspended Across NY For Holiday Weekend

by Mindy Cohn

All construction-related lane closures for roads and bridges across New York State will be suspended until Tuesday, September.... read more

Ceiling Fans Under Attack by Biden Administration

M.C. Millman

The Biden Administration's green agenda has moved on to the next popular home appliance: ceiling fans. 

This.... read more

Cigarette Tax Raised by $1 as of Today

YS Gold 

As of Friday, September 1, the excise tax on cigarettes sold in New York State has gone up by $1, to a total of $5.35 per.... read more