Satmar Kehillah Closes on Massive Property for $40M High School Project

YS Gold In recent days, the Satmar Kehillah, led by longtime executive director of the.... read more

Rachmastrivke Girls High School Buys New Property

The Rachmastrivke mosed recently closed on a new property for the girl’s high school, Bais.... read more

Once Again: Air Quality Alert

This morning, the National Weather Service issued an air quality alert, which will be in effect until 11 PM tonight, in addition to the ongoing.... read more

Help Us Update the BoroPark24 Early Shabbos Minyanim List

BoroPark24 brings you more than just the news; we’re here to bring you any and all information you might need around the.... read more

Top Law Enforcement Officials Meet with Community Leaders to Discuss Summer Safety and Combat Antisemitism

Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler  hosted a meeting bringing together top law enforcement officials, community leaders, and.... read more

BDE: R’ Moshe Schwartz u"h

YS Gold We regret to inform you of the passing of Reb Moshe Schwartz, a Boro Park resident. He was 61 years of age, and was known.... read more

Congressman Dan Goldman Visits 13th Avenue

Yesterday, Congressman Dan Goldman made a visit to Boro Park, warmly greeting local politicians and voters alike.The Congressman took to.... read more

Catskills Hatzalah Expands Fleet with Two New Ambulances

In recent days, Catskills Hatzalah has enhanced its emergency response capabilities by adding two new ambulances to its fleet.With summer.... read more

Sadiger Rebbe to Visit Boro Park

The Sadigerer Rebbe will be in Boro Park this week in honor of a wedding in Bobov-45, where he is a.... read more

Residents Urgently Ask Governor To Clean Canal

Residents of Gowanus are asking Governor Hochul to clean up the Gowanus Canal, right outside Boro.... read more

Bobov Announces New Wedding Plan

Last night Bobov held a meeting to discuss a new wedding plan to help Bobov chassidim marry off their children without going into.... read more

Communicated: Boro Park Residents Rally Against Housing Project on 60th Street

Boro Park residents are extremely concerned over a plan to build hundreds of units between the backyards and houses of residents, squeezing.... read more

Mayor Adams Opens Cooling Centers Ahead of Heat Wave

Ahead of the heat wave coming to New York Mayor Adams and the New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM) Commissioner Zach Iscol announced the.... read more

MTA Camera Enforcement Program Officially Launches

A few weeks ago, the MTA announced a new program that equips city buses with cameras that have the ability to issue tickets to cars blocking bus.... read more

Heat Wave Descends On New York

A heat wave is descending on New York this week from Monday through Thursday, with a heat advisory in effect and temperatures expected to reach.... read more

Tomorrow: Shomrim Bike Registration Event

Boro Park Shomrim, in conjunction with Nachis Healthcare, Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein and Councilman Kalman.... read more

BDE: Elisheva Rivka (Olis) Jankelowitz

YS Gold We regret to inform of the passing of Mrs. Elisheva Rivka (Olis) Janklowitz, a matriarch and longtime Boro Park resident..... read more