Boro Park Library Undergoes Renovation to Add Light, Gardens, and Outdoor Seating

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe Boro Park branch of the Brooklyn Public Library will soon provide, “a feeling of lightness and openness,” as more glass,.... read more

Mass Mutual Insurance Company Awards BP Hatzolah $10,000 in Honor of BP Volunteer

By Yehudit GarmaiseBoro Park Hatzolah was awarded a $10,000 grant from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance: thanks to the application of Hatzolah.... read more

Eight Varieties of Pine-Sol Recalled After Being Linked to Infection-Causing Bacteria

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced on Tuesday, October 25, that Pine-Sol has issued a recall on eight varieties of its.... read more

Beware of Lead Dangers at Home

by M.C. Millman Lead, a naturally occurring element hidden in many products in our environment, is highly toxic to the human body, especially.... read more

US Rep. Zeldin Comes Out Swinging Against Gov. Hochul in the Candidates’ Only Debate

By Yehudit GarmaiseGov. Kathy Hochul and US Rep Lee Zeldin took part in a fiery debate on Tuesday night: just four days before New Yorkers start.... read more

Eight Ways to Keep Your Children Safe from “Stranger Danger”

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhile adults know that perpetrators of crimes can lurk on every corner in the big city, children’s innocence makes them more.... read more

Gov. Hochul and U.S. Rep Lee Zeldin Face Off Tonight on their Plans to Fight Crime and Rebuild the NY Economy

By Yehudit GarmaiseWith only four days left until early voting begins, Gov. Kathy Hochul and her challenger US Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Long Island) will.... read more

Young Israel of Staten Island Sukkot Carnival Brought Smiles to Many

Mobs of laughing children and happy parents watching the kids enjoy the bounce houses and game truck as they snacked on popcorn, pizza and ices was.... read more

Protect Your Vehicle From Catalytic Converter Thieves

M.C. Millman With catalytic converter thefts rising nationwide, keep in mind there are ways to minimize the risk of being targeted. The.... read more

Large Crowd of Bachurim at Torah Shebiksav Melave Malka Attests to Organizations’ Rapid Growth

By: Yehuda Alter Motzei Shabbos Bereishis, as Klal Yisroel began the Torah anew with the first parsha, hundreds of bachurim from the Boro Park.... read more

Hochul and Adam's New Plan to Fight Subway Crime Does not Address Underlying Issues, Critics Say

By Yehudit GarmaiseDavid Martin, a 32-year-old who was shoved onto the tracks at Wyckoff and Myrtle Avenues on Friday at 2:40 pm by a suspect who is.... read more

Get Warm and Cozy this Winter, While Keeping Heating Costs Down

By Yehudit GarmaiseAs the air cools off, we might consider turning on the heat at night for the first time in many months, however, heating costs are.... read more

Gov. Hochul and Mayor Adams Promise More Police on the Subways: Again

 By Yehudit Garmaise Passengers who stride through crowded subway stations while scanning the crowd for uniformed police officers have.... read more

TODAY: Cornerstone Laying at 'Mivtzar Hatorah' of Belzer Community in Boro Park

BY: Boropark24 staff History is being made in the Belzer chassidus as the cornerstone will be laid at the site of the Mivtzar HaTorah which is.... read more

Minyanim at Shomer Shabbos: Noach

Pedestrian Safety Month Is Here

Pedestrian Safety Month aims to raise awareness of the dangers to pedestrians and provide suggestions to keep pedestrians safe.Here are some tips.... read more

Instead of Starting a New Diet, Choose to Eat Intuitively

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter the celebrations and feasts of the Yom Tov season pass, some of us may be tempted to impose impossible restrictions on our.... read more

Mayor Adams Appoints New Exec. Director of Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes

By Yehudit GarmaiseMayor Eric Adams has taken another step to prevent and respond to hate crimes in the city by appointing Hassan Naveed as the.... read more