President Biden Welcomes 300 Guests at White House Chanukah Party

By Yehudit Garmaise When President Joe Biden warmly hosted the White House Chanukah party last night, the approximately 300 Jewish guests.... read more

King David once again hits off mega Chanukah event

Have you heard about the King David pre-Chanukah event? Have you received your King David Chanukah box? I did, and let me tell you about the.... read more

Hundreds Gather at the Annual Menorah Lighting Held at the Staten Island Mall

On December 18, 2022, the beginning of Chanukah and the lighting of the first candle of the Menorah was marked at the Staten Island Mall located in.... read more

New York Law Eases Restrictions for Owners of Small Buildings to Convert to Co-ops or Condos

By Yehudit GarmaiseNew York tenants who live in smaller buildings may have an easier time buying their homes, thanks to a new law that eases.... read more

Bobov’er Chasidim to Celebrate a Unique Hachnusas Sefer Torah Donated with Money Earned Through Kinyan Torah Tests

By: BoroPark24 staffA few years ago, the Bobover Rebbe Shlit”a founded the Kehila’s Torah Chabirah, Kinyan Torah, with a daily learning schedule.... read more

Chanukah Family Fun for Night 2

By Yehudit Garmaise Make the second night of Chanukah extra special by sending the children on a hunt for oil or dreidels.Instructions for the.... read more

TEHILLIM: Boy in Serious Condition Following Hit-and-Run on Ocean Parkway

By: BoroPark24 staffA Bachur was hit by an SUV on Sunday around 10:00 pm while riding a scooter across Ocean Parkway.The boy was riding down.... read more

HEAP-Eligible New Yorkers will Get More of their Heating Bills Covered this Winter

By Yehudit GarmaiseMore New Yorkers will stay warm and toasty in their homes as cold and stormy winds blow in this week, thanks to an influx of.... read more

As Tolls go Cashless, NYS Thruway Authority Announces Cash Options

By: Yehuda Alter Over the last few years, the New York State Thruway, as well as other toll roads, have been going increasingly cashless--with.... read more

Around the House: Create Chanukah Family Fun All Eight Nights

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhile the Chanukah candles cast their glow, many families watch the flames flicker together. Lighting the menorah can be the start.... read more

Masbia: Chanukah Latkes Illustrate the Exorbitantly High Cost of Critical Household Food Staples

Large amounts of emergency food, including ingredients to make Chanukah latkes, for 5,000 families will be distributed by Masbia Soup Kitchen.... read more

Uber Drivers in NYC Will Strike Monday After Judge Blocks Pay Raises

BoroPark24 StaffAfter a judge temporarily blocked wage increases of 7% per minute and 24% per mile for taxis, New York City Uber drivers plan to.... read more

NYSDOT Wins $312,000 in Federal Funding for Climate Challenge Proposal

The New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) announced on Friday, December 16,  that New York’s “Climate Challenge” Proposal to.... read more

Rachmastrivka Rebbe to Lead Tish on First Night of Chanukah

Six months after he became critically ill from a stubborn virus, the Rachmastrivka Rebbe shlita is getting progressively better and will lead a tish.... read more

Adams Asks Progressives to Stop Saying, “Tax the Rich,” as Hochul Continues to Refuse to Raise Taxes for All

By Yehudit Garmaise As business owners face a looming recession, they can breathe easier knowing that Governor Kathy Hochul continues to refuse.... read more

Livestream: RCCS 2022 Auction

Chaveirim of Brooklyn/Catskills Urges Erev Shabbos Travelers to Hit the Road - Early

By M.C. MillmanAfter dealing at the zman last week with an Erev Shabbos emergency for close to thirty families, all stuck on the New Jersey Turnpike.... read more