Judge Tosses Out New York’s Redistricting Maps, Citing Democrats’ Bias

A state supreme court judge in Steuben County ruled against the new redistricting maps for New York, telling the New York Legislature to come up with.... read more

THIS EVENING: Khal Bnei Osher Tenka to Hold Atzeres for Rav Chaim, along with Yom Kipur Kotton

By: Boropark24 StaffKhal Bnei Asher Tenka, under the leadership of Rav Chaim Eluzer Friedman, shlit”a, Tenka Ruv, will mark the “early erev Rosh.... read more

CONSUMER ALERT: NY AG James Warns Jewish New Yorkers to be Cautious of Car Washes that Overcharge Before Pesach

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhile some Orthodox Jews in New York City have previously wondered why the “special prices” they were offered for car washes.... read more

Thieves Target Unlocked Cars, NYPD Warns

By Yehudit GarmaiseCan’t spare two seconds to turn off your car before running into a store? Police say that more than half the 3,151 cars.... read more

Lelover Chassidim to Donate Torah in Memory of Rebbe, zt”l

By: Boropark24 StaffThe Lelover chassidim, followers of the Lelover Rebbe of Boro Park, Rebbe Yaakov Yitzchok Biderman, shlit”a, mispalelim of.... read more

Finally: Biden Expected to Release 1 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day to Decrease Prices

By Yehudit Garmaise President Joe Biden is expected to announce today that he will order the release of 1 million barrels of oil per day, for the.... read more

Bird, the E-Scooter Sharing Service, Accessed by App, to Double its Fleet in NYC

 By Yehudit GarmaiseBird, the e-scooter sharing service, is planning to double the size of fleet in New York City, as the weather warms up,.... read more

Wide Reaching Spam Attack Included Many Victims in Community

By: Yehuda AlterA wide-ranging, sophisticated spam attack is hopefully behind us, but throughout the last few days, reports were heard everywhere of.... read more

Mass Gathering Tomorrow Evening After the Passing of the Gadol Hador zt"l

As Klal Yisroel mourns the loss of the Gadol Hador Maran Sar HaTorah Rav Chaim Kanieveski Zatzal, a mass gathering will take place tomorrow, Thursday.... read more

8 Fun Hacks and Products to Try While Organizing for Pesach

By Yehudit Garmaise1. Declutter: Walk around your house, apartment, garage, closets, and storage spaces, and make a list of anything and everything.... read more

Government Begins Intense Inspections of Local Yeshivos on Heels of Regulations Rollout

By: Yehuda AlterA letter from the State Education Department to a local Brooklyn Yeshiva, as reported by Yeshiva World News, gives insight into.... read more

US Senate Moves Along Nomination of Professor Lipstadt to Serve as anti-Semitism Special Envoy

By Yehudit GarmaiseDeborah E. Lipstadt, a noted Holocaust scholar, professor, and writer, has been nominated by the Senate Foreign Relations.... read more

Met Council, NY Legislators Ask for Increased Funding for Kosher Food in NY’s Emergency Programs

By Yehudit GarmaiseLeading New York legislators and the Met Council on Jewish Poverty urged Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state legislature, in a letter,.... read more

Gathering to Commemorate Yanky Grossinger, z”l, Sefer Torah Commenced

By: Boropark24 Staff The tragic loss of Yanky Grossinger only weeks before his chasuna still has his family and friends in shock and pain. Monday.... read more

MTA to Revisit the Folded Stroller Policy on City Buses

The NY MTA plans to assemble a panel to revisit the folded stroller policy after thousands of parents repeatedly complained about the rule.Current.... read more

Mayor Adams Follows the Money, Not “the Science”

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhen Mayor Adams lifted the vaccine mandate for professional athletes and performers, while adding that he had no plans to.... read more

NYPD Reports Shootings Precinct-by-Precinct, Boro Park among Lowest in the City

By Yehudit GarmaiseSince 2020, New York City overall has been suffering from an ever-increasing sharp spike in shootings, however, some.... read more