Boro Park Chaveirim Introduces new Vehicle to Fleet

By: Boropark24 Staff Thursday evening found elected officials, Askonim, Chaveirim members, - and Chaveirim divisions from all across the.... read more

“A Wake-Up Call:” is what Mayor Adams Calls the Decreasing Number of Ethnic Minorities who Vote for Democrats

by Yehudit GarmaiseOrthodox Jews in NYC are not the only ones who are increasingly casting their votes for Republicans.“When we see that only six.... read more

‘Trumpism Brainwashed Yidden’: Satmar Rebbe Decries Election Fervor

Kiryas Joel – The intense ardor for former President Donald Trump that has taken hold in many parts of America has also infiltrated into the.... read more

NJ Police Arrest Teen who Threatened NJ Shuls Last Shabbos

 By Yehudit GarmaiseThe teen whose anti-Semitic social media posts were so alarming that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in Newark,.... read more

Construction at the Kossover Shul in Full Swing

By: Boropark24 staff An enormous rig pulled up 55th Street from 14th Avenue on Wednesday morning. It carried many tons of steel that will.... read more

Mayor Adams Wants to “Get Stuff Clean” in Boro Park

By Yehudit GarmaiseSince he took office, Mayor Eric Adams has said every day that he wants to “Get Stuff Done,” and now he wants to “Get Stuff.... read more

E-Bike Battery Explosion Injures Three Brooklyn Residents

The battery of an e-bike exploded yet again this morning inside a home on 9th Ave and 55th St. The household members rushed to take the bike.... read more

Always on Call? Carve Out Blocks of Time: Just for You

By Yehudit Garmaise Way back before everyone had a cell phone, when most employees left work for the day, they didn’t hear from anyone at.... read more

NYPD, Shomrim Meet to Discuss Recent Rash of House Break-ins

Boro Park - Police brass and Shomrim officials had a meeting Wednesday night to coordinate on countering the recent spate of burglaries and car.... read more

Boro Park Voters Cite Yeshivas, Crime and Ideology in Interviews

For decades it was the dream of askanim and community leaders. At Tuesday’s election, it was finally achieved — a record turnout of voters in.... read more

US Rep. Zeldin Concedes, but Says “Those Controlling Albany Should Take Note”

By Yehudit GarmaiseUS Rep. Lee Zeldin conceded the governor's election just now when he released a statement that said, "I would like to congratulate.... read more

Assailant Arrested for Random Attack on Jewish Man

Four men who randomly assaulted a Jewish man walking in Boro Park late Tuesday were apprehended by Shmira patrol.The victim was seen on video walking.... read more

Askonim: Boro Park Community is a Winner in This Election

By: Yehuda Alter  With the dust not yet settled on the midterm election of 2022, local askonim point to unprecedented history that was made.... read more

DiNapoli, James, and Schumer All Cruise to Easy Victories

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhile Gov. Kathy Hochul was elected for the first time after an unusually close race with US Rep. Lee Zeldin, incumbents NY.... read more

Kathy Hochul Wins Her First Full Term as Governor

By Yehudit GarmaiseBy a margin of just 5.4%, Gov. Kathy Hochul won the New York governor’s race last night.By a difference of just 312,526 votes,.... read more

Mismanagement at Polling Sites Decried by State Senator Felder

Senator Simcha Felder has released a statement yesterday saying that he is "furious at the mismanagement of today’s midterm election by the NYC.... read more

Mayor Adams Casts His Vote

By Yehudit GarmaiseAfter Mayor Eric Adams cast his vote today, reporters asked him whether he would be able to work with US Rep. Lee Zeldin, if he is.... read more

Mayor Adams Encourages Kosher Cookbook Writers to Use Food to Fight Hate, Increase Cultural Understanding

By Yehudit Garmaise“Food is powerful,” said Mayor Eric Adams, when he stopped by the elegant, kosher Japanese restaurant Sen Sakana in Manhattan,.... read more