Second Pharmaceutical Company to Reduce Insulin Prices This Month

BoroPark24 StaffAfter Eli Lilly announced a price reduction for some insulin earlier this month, Novo Nordisk has followed suit. On Tuesday,.... read more

New Jersey Turnpike Authority to Clarify Pricing Discounts for NYC E-ZPass Customers

By Yehudit GarmaiseE-ZPass customers in New York who also use the New Jersey Turnpike will soon gain clarity about any available toll discounts,.... read more

Less Costly Shuttle Bus to Replace Plan to Build AirTrain to and from LaGuardia

By Yehudit GarmaiseA new express shuttle bus service will take the place of the previously planned AirTrain service to transport travelers who depart.... read more

Community Board 12 Meets with DSNY Commissioner, Elected Officials, Community Leaders and Local Businesses

On Monday, Community Board 12 hosted a meeting, organized by Senior Advisor to the Mayor Joel Eisdorfer, with New York City’s Department of.... read more

Grounded - Flights at LaGuardia Airport Put on Hold Due to Snow

by Mindy CohnLaGuardia Airport grounded its flights this morning after the FAA issued an advisory warning that flights could see delays after a state.... read more

Data of Millions of AT&T Customers Exposed

by Mindy CohnIn an email that went out to nine million wireless subscribers, AT&T announced a data breach that took place in.... read more

New FDA-Approved Nasal Spray Can Zap Migraines within 15 Minutes

By Yehudit GarmaiseThe 10% of people around the world who suffer from head-pounding migraines, may soon find quick relief from a newly approved nasal.... read more

Gov. Hochul Reassures New Yorkers: “Your Money is Secure and Protected”

By Yehudit Garmaise“New York regional banks are open,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said this morning. “Everything is fine. Calm."“New Yorkers should.... read more

Frontier Airlines' Employees Get $10 for Each Oversized Carry-On They Charge

By Yehudit GarmaiseWhile airlines differ in what they allow passengers to bring on board, some airport workers are incentivized by receiving bonuses.... read more

BDE: Rav Meier Weinberg, zt”l, Marbitz Torah for Half a Century

by YS Gold We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of Rav Yosef Chaim Meier Weinberg, a Ra"m in Yeshiva Torah Vodaas for more than fifty.... read more

New York's Signature Bank Closes Two Days after Silicon Valley Bank

by M.C. MillmanFollowing fast on the heels of the closure of Silicon Valley Bank in Santa Clara, California, on Friday, as reported here, Signature.... read more

Asthma Sufferers Work to Take a Deep Breath as Albuterol Shortage Gets Worse After Manufacturer Shut Down

by M. C. MillmanAfter a major supplier of liquid albuterol for hospitals shut down last week, the ongoing shortage of the asthma drug is expected to.... read more

Banks Want to Help Identify Mass Shooters, but Visa and Mastercard Decide Against Creating Code to Track Firearms Purchases

By Yehudit GarmaiseBanks wanted to help to identify potential mass shooters: but Visa and Mastercard have decided against continuing to create a code.... read more

Weight Watchers Taking on the Prescription Drug Market

by Mindy CohnIt seems WeightWatchers will offer more than meal plans as it enters the trending market of prescription drugs that address.... read more

Dozens of New Reasons to Ride the Subway

by BoroPark24 StaffTwenty-four restrooms in twelve subway stations across the five boroughs will reopen in May, including one at Boro Park's 36th.... read more

Zlozitz Uvos I’Bunim Ends With Matzah Baking Ceremony for Kids

The Zlozitz’er Kehila brought a beautiful program to celebrate the completion of a successful Uvos I’Bunim program by enabling all the kids to.... read more

Scam Targets Religious Groups

by Mindy CohnA new scam targets religious groups through emails and texts requesting donations for religious causes in the form of cash or gift.... read more

Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Shocking Economists and Triggering Economic Fears

By Yehudit GarmaiseSilicon Valley Bank (SVB), a commercial bank headquartered in Santa Clara, California, collapsed on Friday, causing bank customers.... read more