Exclusive: ‘You Jews Vote for Trump’: 3 Teens Berate Jewish Girl on Subway

Exclusive: ‘You Jews Vote for Trump’: 3 Teens Berate Jewish Girl on Subway

By Yochonon Donn

Boro Park – Yelling obscenities and anti-Semitic remarks, three youths confronted a Jewish girl riding on the subway in Manhattan Tuesday afternoon and threatened to harm her.

To the victim’s shock, transit police refused to file anything more than a harassment report, despite the repeated references to “you Jews” in the attackers’ ten-minute-long tirade.

“It made me feel very uncomfortable,” her father told “I didn’t go down there to Manhattan to just file a harassment report.”
The 19-year-old female was going home from her teaching job in Manhattan, and was on the F train between Delancey and Carroll streets when the verbal assault began.

Three black teenagers, who appeared to be leaving their high school, approached the girl, with one of the turning on a recording device to videotape the encounter. The trio repeatedly screamed expletives and anti-Semitic remarks at the victim, who lives in Midwood.
“You Jews vote for Trump,” one of them said.

The three threatened to hurt her but did not do anything, apparently in fright of police.
“I would do something to you,” one of the assailants said, according to the father, “but I know that you Jews go to the NYPD right away.”
The assault went on for at least ten minutes, until the train pulled into the next station and she got off.
The thing that scared her the most, the father said, was that aside for one passenger, none of the riders on the train, which was packed with the afternoon rush, said or did anything to protect his daughter.

“The entire time nobody said anything. I can’t blame them, they must have been scared of them,” the father said. “A woman went to sit next to her, sort of to protect her. At the next stop, she told her to get off because she was afraid it would get physical.”
The girl called her father and he went to the 70th police precinct on Lawrence Ave. to file a police report. Transit police came down to the station and requested that he come to their headquarters in Manhattan so he could file a report.
“The reason I went was as a responsibility to the public,” the father said. “If a report goes in, maybe we’ll have more police in the street.”

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