16th Avenue, from 49th to 60th Street to be Re-Surfaced this Summer

16th Avenue, from 49th to 60th Street to be Re-Surfaced this Summer

By Yehudit Garmaise

“We have good news for anyone who regularly travels on 16th Avenue,” Community Board 12 District Manager Barry Spitzer announced last night at the board’s annual meeting, “which will be repaved from 49th Street all the way to 60th Street.

“I drive a lot on 16th Avenue, so I know its conditions,” Spitzer said, “and a lot of people called last year about it, so we were able to get 16th Avenue on the list,” prepared by NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) to plan which city streets to repave this summer.

Now that the DOT has sent CB12 its preliminary summer schedule of street re-paving, Spitzer asked board members and meeting participants to let the office know of any other local streets that are in bad shape and in need of repair. 

“The DOT’s schedule is still preliminary so anyone who knows of any streets that are in bad condition or need resurfacing, please let our office know because the DOT will finalize its list soon, to prepare the final list for the resurfacing season, which starts in July.”

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