2,000 Women Gather in Williamsburg for Health Conference

2,000 Women Gather in Williamsburg for Health Conference

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Last week, the Satmar kehillah organized a conference at which experts from the medical field spoke to thousands of women from the kehillah about crucial matters relating to their health and lifestyles. It sought to transform the thinking around healthy lifestyles and early screenings—and, if the outpouring and response is any indication, it accomplished just that. 

The Continental Hall in Williamsburg was filled wall-to-wall with seating—but this turned out to be far to inadequate to accommodate the stream of women who came to be part of the conference and hear from the experts. Many were turned away for lack of space. 

The event was addressed by prominent medical professionals, and medical askonim, all of whom stressed the importance of early screenings and preventative healthcare. 

A dramatic presentation was delivered by Mrs. Chanah Landau, the founder of the venerated Refuah Helpline, which fields thousands of calls from seriously-ill patients, advocating for them and directing them in their medical journey. In an impactful address, Mrs. Landau noted the crucial imperative to undergo annual checkups, and to seek medical intervention when necessary—an effort that can make all the difference in a person’s life. 

A highlight of the evening was a panel of distinguished doctors and professors, each of whom brought their unique experience and expertise to the spellbound audience. The doctors were extremely impressed with the reception that they received from the community. 

The evening was coordinated and sponsored by the legendary ODA Health Network. At the end of the evening, the women were able to book a well-visit appointment on the spot, taking to heart the theme of the evening, as they embark on a journey of leading healthier lives. 

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