200 Kerestir Travelers Stranded in Frankfurt

200 Kerestir Travelers Stranded in Frankfurt

By: Boropark24 staff 

As mid-afternoon dawns on Europe, and the yohrtzeit of Rav Shayala is in its final hours, hundreds of travelers who are desperately attempting to get to Kerestir for the yohrtzeit are unable to do so. 

Boropark24 has learned that 200 passengers on a Lufthansa flight from New York, are being prevented from boarding a connecting flight in Frankfurt to their final destination in Budapest. 

The situation remains unclear, and the exact pretenses for this decision by Frankfurt authorities is unknown at this time.  

But as the sun continues to set over Europe, the race is on for these petitioners to make it to Rav Shayala in the nick of time.

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