29 people shot in NYC this past Weekend; Mayor Adams deploys five more neighborhood Safety Teams

29 people shot in NYC this past Weekend; Mayor Adams deploys five more neighborhood Safety Teams

By Yehudit Garmaise

Mayor Eric Adams deployed five more neighborhood safety teams, including one in Brooklyn after a whopping 29 people were shot over one weekend.

The first six Neighborhood Safety Teams were deployed a week ago,  and today the mayor sent out five more citywide to combat the large number of criminals with guns that are roaming the streets.

“In six days, since we launched this program, under the leadership of NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant Sewall, we have made 31 arrests, and removed 10 guns from our streets,” announced Mayor Adams. “In the past week, we have removed more than a gun a day from our streets.”

“We are not going to surrender our city to violence.”

As promised during his mayoral campaign last year, Mayor Adams re-created the now-disbanded plainclothes Anti-Crime Unit into a uniformed Anti-Gun Unit.

“The officers in these units zero in on guns,” the mayor explained. “The problem is the number of illegal guns on the street in this city and to add to the problem are ghost guns, which are a real problem. 

“Now someone can sit in their apartment and manufacture “ghost guns” that can be used on our streets.

“Every day, criminals are thinking of different ways to harm innocent New Yorkers, and we better be as thoughtful, creative, and use every method legally to respond to the threats that are on us.”

While the old anti-crime unit was highly criticized for conducting overly aggressive policing and searching anyone: based on their ethnicities, said Mayor Adams, who repeated that the NYPD has learned from its mistakes. “We are not going to break the law to enforce the law.”

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