A Lonely Grave Turns One-Century Old

A Lonely Grave Turns One-Century Old

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Today, the 9th of Sivan, marks the one hundredth yohrtzeit of Eige Bas Azriel who was interred in Riverside Cemetery in the year 1923. Very little is known about Eige, whom we later found out was named Davidovitch—but her matzeivah cries out for us to remember her. 

“Dear people,” it reads. “I am here very lonely, and I did not leave behind any children. Please bequeath me too a candle and also beg for my neshomoh. In this zechus, may Hashem help you, you should in your life see children and grandchildren in their old age with everything good. Amen.” 

A little digging revealed the following levaya notice in Der Morgen Zhournal. “Agudas Achim Anshei Marmorosh asks all of its members to attend the Levaya of our sister Eige Davidowitz today, Friday, from her last residence, 102 Meserole Street, Brooklyn.”

We have also learned that her husband was Yosef, and she came along with him from Russia in the year 1897. 

Other than the above information, nothing is known about Mrs. Davidowitz. 

It would surely be a wonderful thing if people would learn and give tzedakah l’iluy nishmas Eige bas Azriel on her hundredth yohrtzeit, honoring her last request not to be forgotten. 

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