A “Shabbos for Generations” to be Observed Throughout Boro Park

A “Shabbos for Generations” to be Observed Throughout Boro Park

By: Yehuda Alter

Askonim have been working diligently in recent weeks to arrange for this Shabbos, parshas Ki Tisa, to serve as a “Shabbos for generations—L’Doiroisom,” in which kehillos throughout Boro Park will utilize this time to reflect upon ways to strengthen ourselves against the dire threates posed by technology.

A primary force behind this initiative is the Skulener Rebbe, shlit”a, who has taken on the mantle of this illustrious father, the previous Skulener Rebbe zt”l, in the battle against this thread. Our readers will recall the great leadership role that the Rebbe, zt”l, took during the famed CitiField asifah, and his subsequent battle cry, exhorting Klal Yisroel to guard themselves and their family against this nisayon.

Organizers point to these times nearing Purim, when we learn the story of Mordechai Hatzadik, who “would not bend or kneel”—and our need to stand strong against the challenges of our generation—bringing together all of Boro Park to stand united and strengthened.

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