A Special Birthday Celebrated at KRM Supermarket

A Special Birthday Celebrated at KRM Supermarket

By: Yehuda Alter 

Each and every year, the staff at KRM hosts a celebration for their colleague, Avrumi Unger, who has worked at the legendary supermarket for many years—and this year was no different. 

In the heat of summer, in the middle of the busy shopping day, the staff makes the time to celebrate Avrumi’s birthday with him. 

Like every year, State Senator Simcha Felder, who has become a close friend of Avrumi, was on hand, as well as a number of law enforcement personnel who work in our community. 

This year’s celebration had a tinge of sadness to it, since Avrumi lost his mother about two months ago—which made it all the more important that this morning, his friends kept up their annual tradition of celebrating their wonderful friend who brings so much joy to all of them every day of the year. 

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