Adams Continues His Attempts to Move Mountains for Migrants

Adams Continues His Attempts to Move Mountains for Migrants

by M.C. Millman

As New York's sanctuary status has turned its migrant issue from a molehill into an ever-growing mountain, even Mayor Eric Adams has gone to court to allow NYC to revoke its status as a sanctuary city. 

As thousands of illegal immigrants continue to swarm into NYC, officials are scrambling while scouring property lists in a desperate bid to house the ever-growing numbers. 

The newest locations being eyed to house the illegals, who continue to arrive without background checks, are twenty New York City school gyms. Even the mayor has labeled this move as "drastic" and "one of the last places we want to look at." Still, it has already become a reality with public school parents expressing outrage - unimpressed by Adam's claim that students are "not going to be impacted" by migrants without background checks sheltering on school grounds. 

In the meantime, the mayor continues to look further afield in a ploy to unload as many illegals as he can on others' doorsteps. 

"We're not a doormat for the mayor's bad policies," New York Senator Ben Weber announces to BoroPark24 while vowing to fight Adams' migrant plan. This is after the mayor announced hurried plans to send hundreds of illegals by bus to Rockland and Orange Counties last week. "NYC declared itself a sanctuary city. Rockland is not a sanctuary county. We're here to assist the natural migration in Rockland. We just can't handle all the people all at once."

Rockland County responded to the report that more than 300 migrants were being delivered to its doorstep by issuing a state of emergency and arranging for a strong law enforcement response should the migrants arrive in Rockland County.

On Tuesday, May 9, a State judge issued a temporary restraining order blocking the Armoni Inn in Rockland County from accepting New York City migrants.

"He didn't even ask; he just basically thought that he could set up a New York City shelter in Rockland County," Weber said of Adams. "He met major resistance, and we are vigilant in making sure we don't bear the brunt of the city's lack of preparedness."

In the meantime, Orange County has followed in Rockland's footsteps after receiving a special delivery from NYC of 186 illegal migrants. That County was also granted a restraining order on Tuesday, right before seven more busloads were about to be transported in. The restraining order cancels Adams's plans to force the County to house more migrants while those who have already been sent to the Town of Newburgh will be allowed to remain.

"New York State allocated $1 billion to New York City in the recent State budget to handle the crisis, and they should handle it," Senator Weber shares with BoroPark24.

photo credit: Flickr

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