American Airlines Pilots Vote to Strike, Potential Summer Travel Nightmare Ahead

American Airlines Pilots Vote to Strike, Potential Summer Travel Nightmare Ahead

by YS Gold 

On Monday, with 96% of its 15,000 pilots participating in a vote, the union representing American Airlines’ pilots voted to authorize a strike if a deal with the airline is not reached soon. 

Allied Pilots Association president, Captain Ed Sicher, said in a statement, “We will strike if necessary to secure the industry-leading contract that our pilots have earned and deserve – a contract that will position American Airlines for success.” 

“We’re all wondering whether this will be another summer of uncertainty for American Airlines,” the statement continued. “Fortunately, there is an alternative. By embracing the win-win scheduling and work rule improvements APA has presented at the bargaining table, management can take steps to improve the airline’s operational reliability and efficiency.”

Experts say that an actual strike is unlikely since there are many steps that would need to go wrong for a strike to happen. This is the beginning of more intense negotiations, with multiple entities who have a vested interest in preventing a strike. 

However, travelers at the nation’s airports will see AA pilots picketing today. This is meant only to bring awareness to the public about the negations and does not constitute a strike. Airline travel is expected to resume as usual for the time being.

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