Apple Rolls Out iPhone 13, new iPads, and Upgraded Apple Watch

Apple Rolls Out iPhone 13,  new iPads, and Upgraded Apple Watch

     In an online livestream, Apple rolled out today, the new iPhone 13, which cost $799, with many updates, upgrades, and improvements.

     The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999, and the iPhone 13 ProMax goes for $1099.

    New iPads, iPad minis, and Apple watches, all with new features, are also now for sale.

    Apple representatives said that they seek “to create an experience like any other, with legendary ease of use, beautiful, and durable designs, water-resistance, and great battery life.”

    Apple representatives, who spoke on a colorful, splashy, and fast-paced video said that ‘people love iPhones,” which have the “world’s most advanced camera system and privacy built-in.

    “We keep making iPhone better and more powerful, capable, and even more fun to use.”

    “Under the hood,” Apple representatives said, “iPhone 13 has been completely new architected to make room for new technology and a bigger battery."

     Also, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini both feature a more advanced super-retina CR display, which is 28% brighter, 800 nits, and “brilliant for viewing, even when outside,” said Apple representatives, who added that brightness for photos and videos is also higher in the new phones, which boast 1200 nits.

     “You can enjoy the pixel precision brightness for longer, thanks to the display’s improved power efficiency.”

     The next generation of iPhone was described as having its signature “a sleek, flat-edged design,” for two sizes. In addition, Apple staffers touted their new generation of phones as being “incredibly durable with our exclusive ceramic shield front: tougher than any smartphone glass, and has industry-leading IP-68 water-resistance.”

     The phone's aluminum frame, which is made of recycled materials, is “aerospace grade” and comes in five new colors: pink, blue, midnight, starlight, and red.

     The phones’ “advanced dual” camera system not only has a new look, with the lenses arranged diagonally, but the camera system has been reengineered to provide “more display area.”

     Everything inside the phone, said Apple employees, including face ID, which they call “the most secure facial identification of any smart phone: fits into a space that is 20% smaller.”

      Apple’s new iPad 13, which starts at $339 and has 64 gigabytes, is “packed full of updates, has 20% faster performance in every aspect of the chip: from the CPU and GPU, to the neural engine, which enable apps to deliver ‘next-level experience.’”

     Apple representatives say that the iPad 13, which comes in Space Gray, silver, and cellular models, is three times faster than the Chromebook and up to six times faster than the best-selling Android tablet.

     The iPad 13 mini, which now has 5G and is said to be 10 times faster than its predecessor, starts at $299, and both new tablets can be ordered today, and they will be available next week.

     “The iPad 13 mini’s download speeds can be up to 3.5 gigabytes per second,” said Apple salespeople, who also people in video calls and FaceTime now look more natural than in other popular apps.

     “With the power of A-13 Bionic, a new 12 megapixel, ultra-wide camera with ‘Center Stage,” said Apple sellers, “Tru-tone, double the storage, and the versatility of iPad OS-15, this is a giant upgrade for our most popular iPad.”

    Apple’s new watch also features many updates and upgrades, and now touts instructed fitness programs that can be done anywhere.

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