Around the House: Create Chanukah Family Fun All Eight Nights

Around the House: Create Chanukah Family Fun All Eight Nights

By Yehudit Garmaise

While the Chanukah candles cast their glow, many families watch the flames flicker together. Lighting the menorah can be the start of extra-special Chanukah nights as families take the time to sit down with each other.

 Stay tuned for eight fun and exciting activities, crafts, and games for families to make this year's Chanukah one to remember.

 Night #1: Latke People

1. Take one brown paper bag, and cut a double-sided circle, which will be your latke.

2. Rip little pieces from the rest of the bag, roll them up, and make enough balls to stuff the latke.

3. Staple both latke circles together around the perimeter, leaving an opening at the bottom.

4. Insert the balled-up ripped pieces of paper into the opening in the latke and finish stapling the circle.

5. Make four 1/2" wide strips from the long side of the construction paper.

6. Make 1/4" folds alternating sides for the arms and legs.

7. Staple on arms/legs.

8. Glue on googly eyes, hats, and pipe cleaners for hair and bow.

8. Staple onto a ribbon or string and hang.

9. Make sure not to hang it anywhere near your menorah, as this would be a fire hazard.


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