Around the House: Store Your Food with Style and Ease

Around the House: Store Your Food with Style and Ease

By Yehudit Garmaise

After spending an hour or two in the kitchen making dinner, the last thing we have the energy to do is hunt around for the ideal food storage containers.

First, clear out dedicated spaces in cabinets or drawers just for food storage: one for milchig, one for fleishig, and one for pareve.

Then, assess and organize the food storage containers you already have. 

Ask yourself, “Which food storage containers do I use the most?” Also, toss any containers without lids and lids without matching containers.

Ziploc Twist n Loc Containers: provides the sturdiest and easiest food storage containers in small, medium, and large. The smalls are perfect for single servings of salad dressings, while the mediums are the perfect size for kids’ and adults’ lunches-to-go. The larges are perfect for freezing soups and storing larger quantities of leftovers in the refrigerator. 

Disposable 128 oz. Deli-type plastic containers are perfect for food made with love that you want to bring to friends and relatives, so that they don’t have to return anything to you.

Mr. Lid: If you find yourself often hunting for lids to store food or pack lunches, try Mr. Lid, which makes plastic food storage containers with permanently attached lids. Some of us think Mr. Lid should win the Nobel Prize for ingenuity.

Glass containers can break, but they can go right into the microwave: unlike plastic containers, which many experts say can emit carcinogens into food when heated.

Square and rectangular containers take up the least amount of space in refrigerators and freezers because they do not create the wasted space that round containers do, Miriam S. told BoroPark24.

“Label the sides, not the tops of containers, so you can easily see what is stored inside without having to take everything out,” Miriam S. advised.

Mason jars with lids: are chic and practical storage containers that can easily store soups, dips, and chopped vegetables for salads and stir-fries, but mason jars also look beautiful when keeping fresh dry items, such as beans, rice, and cereal. 

Lining mason jars’ lids with a little cut-out square of plastic wrap prevent the lids from rusting and will minimize clean up. 

Ziplock freezer bags can also provide space-saving storage containers, but be sure to squeeze out all the extra air before stashing in the freezer or refrigerator, Miriam said. “Also, try to smooth out the contents evenly in the bags, which should be neatly stacked to take up the least amount of space. 

Bento-boxes are fun and elegant, all-in-one Japanese lunch boxes that provide separate sections for single portions of balanced meals that include a starch, like rice or noodles, some protein, assorted vegetables, and cut-up fruit for dessert.

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