BDE: Mrs. Devorah Shapiro, a”h, 100, Scion of Sanz Dynasty

BDE: Mrs. Devorah Shapiro, a”h, 100, Scion of Sanz Dynasty

 We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Shapiro, a centenarian who lived and breathed her holy Sanzer yichus for an entire century. For more than half of her life, she resided in Boro Park.

 Mrs. Shapiro was born in the southern Polish town of Suche, where her father, Rav Yaakov Tzvi, served as the Rov. He was the son of the legendary Tzaddik, “Rav Shayele Tchachoiver,”— as he served a the Rov of the town of Tchachov—a son of the Sanzer Rov.

 This made Devoirele a great-granddaughter of the Divrei Chaim, the last one of this generation.

 She was raised in the traditions of her holy and exalted ancestors, and the wise, extremely sharp Devoirele absorbed it all, and would live to transmit it later generations.

 But the Churban would intervene, ane the herorism of or her holy father, the Suche Ruv, during his time in the Bochnia ghetto—before his ultimate sacrifice Al kiddush Hashem, in 1943–is documented.

 Devoirele survived, along with a brother.

 She married Reb Hersh Meilech Shapiro, a direct descendant of the Bnei Yisoschor.

 Together they raised a family, a true credit to her holy ancestors.

 She was known as a woman of sharpness and erudition who could speak for hours, recalling endless facts and stories from memory… events from three-quarters-of-a-century ago.

 Her visitors would include Rabbonim and Admorim and historians who sought to learn from her vast fountain of knowledge—always engaging and entertaining to boot.

 With her passing at the age of 100, we have lost a true link and a bridge to a bygone era.

 The Levaya taking place now at the Beecher Beis Medrash on 16th Avenue, which was led by her brother in law, the Bercher rebbe, continued by, ybl”ch, her nephew, the current rebbe.

 Yehi Zichra Baruch 

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