BDE: Mrs. Dubrish Gutter, a”h

BDE: Mrs. Dubrish Gutter, a”h

BY: Boropark24 staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Mrs. Dubrish Gutter, matriarch of a prominent family in the Bobov-45 chassidus, at the untimely age of 65. 

She was born in Montreal to Reb Yitzchok and Mrs. Dinah Gross, Holocaust survivors who made their way to Canada, following some years in France. They raised their daughter, who represented the great rebuilding from the Churban, in the ways of the old home. 

She married, ybl”ch, her husband, Reb Shloime Zalmen Gutter, proprietor of the legendary Boro Park Signs, and together they built a beautiful mishpacha which remains a prominent part of the Bobov-45 chassidus. 

The nifteres was known for her chessed and her heart of gold, and an especially doting mother and grandmother. She was unwell in recent years, and was niftar this past Friday at an untimely age of 65. 

The levaya took place motzei Shabbos at the Beis Medrash of Bobov-45, where the nifteres was given a kavod acharon by the entire kehillah which was thrown into mourning.

Yehi Zichra Baruch. 

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