BDE: R’ Yankel Rubin, z”l

BDE: R’ Yankel Rubin, z”l

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We regret to inform you of the passing of R’ Yankel Rubin, a longtime Boro Park resident, an accomplished scientist, and a patriarch of a Torah family. He was 84 years of age. 

The niftar was the son of Rav Moshe Yosef Rubin, known as the Kimplunger Rov, who hailed from some of the most distinguished Chassidic and Rabbinic dynasties—including Koretz, Ropshitz, Belz, and others. 

Rav Moshe Yosef followed his forefathers who formed a long line of rabbonim and leaders in Galicia, Bukovina and Romania, and he served as the rov of Kimplung, where Yankel was born in the year 1939. 

The young boy followed his parents through great travails over the war years, but they were fortunate to survive. Following the war, the Kimplunger Rov established the va’ad Hatzolah to assist war refugees, and came to Boro Park in later years, where he served as the head of Beis Din Vaad Harabonim. 

Yankel learned in the yeshivos of Mir and Torah Vodaas, under some of the most illustrious roshei Yeshiva who were serving then. He married, tbl”ch, Leah Drizin, the daughter of the distinguished Chabad chossid, Reb Avrohom Drizin. Together, they built a beautiful Torah home. 

Professionally, R’ Yaakov was an electrical engineer and had a noteworthy career, serving Chief Scientist at ITT Avionics, Defense and Electronics, and president of ITT Aerospace Controls.

During the summers, Reb Yankel was the president of Congregation Anshei Hasharon in Tannersville, New York, and was a driving force in that community. 

The levaya will take place at 12:00 this afternoon at Shomrei Hadas (watch it live here), and the aron will pass 770 Eastern Parkway at 1:00. Kevurah will be at the Old Montefiore Cemetery in Queens. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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