BDE: Reb Aaron Lobel, z”l

BDE: Reb Aaron Lobel, z”l

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Reb Aaron Lobel, a longtime resident of Boro Park, one of the founding members of the Telzer minyan, and one who made his Torah more important than his business. He was 94. 

He was born in the old Bronx, in the prewar era, when remaining frum was not guaranteed or common. While he learned in the local Talmud Torah as a child, he traveled to Brownsville to learn in Yeshiva Rabbenu Chaim Berlin. There he absorbed a ahavas haTorah that remained with him for life. 

He married, tbl”ch, the former Libby Levin of Washington D. C. and Baltimore, who, like him, came from a family which was likewise dedicated to Torah and mitzvos in the spiritual wilderness. 

They eventually settled in Boro Park, where they would established their beautiful Torah family. 

Reb Aaron was successful in the textile business, but his Torah learning was his passion. This was the only thing he wanted from his children and grandchildren; to be bnei Torah. He davened in the Telzer minyan on 16th Avenue, and spent many hours learning there. 

In later years, he davened and learned in Lakewood minyan as well. 

As he grew older, and he slowed down, he made many chavrusos, asking people to learn with him—insisting on not wasting a moment, even when he could look inside the sefer, utilizing every minute for learning. 

The levaya will take place at Shomrei Hadas at 5:30 this afternoon. 

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Yehi Zichro Baruch 

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