BDE: Reb Binyamin Spitzer, Z"L

BDE: Reb Binyamin Spitzer, Z"L

 We are saddened to inform the community of the petira of Reb Binyamin Spitzer, a”h, who was 90 years old.

 Reb Spitzer, a”h, who was a businessman who sold jewelry, is survived by his wife Erika.

  Born in Hungary in 1930, Reb Spitzer, was the son of Arnold and Antonia Spitzer, a”h.

   Reb Spitzer’s levaya will take place at 11am at Shomrei Hadas, which is located at 3803 14th Ave., and his kvura will take place at Washington Cemetery, in NJ. 

Yehi zichro boruch.

Watch live the levaya of Reb Binyamin Spitzer, Z"L.

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