BDE: Reb Gershon Meir z"l 

BDE: Reb Gershon Meir z"l 

We are saddened to inform of the petira of Reb Gershon Mayor Z”l who was a Holocaust survivor born in 1930 in Budapest. After the war he made his way via several countries to Antwerp where he learned in the Pupa Yeshiva and was a prized talmid of the Rebbe, the “Vaychi Yosef” Ztz”l.

He was a close chavrusa with Hagoan Reb Nussen Gestetner zt"l And was a known Talmid Chuchem miflag and a legendary askan for Kollel Shomrei Hachomos and many other mosdos.

Reb Gershon Z”” held a very high position in the computer department at the Federal Reserve During the 1970's and later a senior level position in the computer department at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where helped many heimishe yiden earn respectable parnosas. 

Reb Gershon's wife Chana A”h passed away 9 months ago and he also recently lost his esteemed eidem Reb Meir Eckstein z"l. 

He leaves behind a son and three daughters and many grandchildren and great grandchildren bla"h. 

Yehi Zicroh Boruch.

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