BDE: Reb Meir Yehuda (Leibel) Fleischman, z”l

BDE: Reb Meir Yehuda (Leibel) Fleischman, z”l

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We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Reb Leibel Fleischman, a longtime Boro Park resident and a member of the sheiris hapleitah who rebuilt heroically from the ashes of the Churban. He was 94 years of age, and is remembered for his . 

The niftar was born in the Hungarian town of Kleinwardein to his parents, Reb Tovia Gedalya and Feiga Fleischman. His childhood was idyllic, and his father was an ardent chossid of the Minchas Elozor and of the Satmar Rebbe. He even merited, as a young child, to see the Minchas Elozor, and for the rest of his life, he remembered how the Munkatcher Rov said krias Shemah by Ma’ariv. 

Tragically, his father passed away when he was only eleven years of age. He went to learn in the paya yeshiva. A few years later, the war broke out. Through great miracles, he was saved from the worst, but he still endured harsh labor and hunger during the war years. Out of a family of ten, only three survived. He would relate his war experiences every year on Pesach night, giving thanks to Hashem for the miracles that he had experienced. 

But Reb Leibel was undeterred. He came to America, married, and established a beautiful generation. 

“He was known to run away from any kind of machlokes or strife, and never had a bad word to say about anyone” recalled a grandchild. “He was a true yerei Shomayim, and was truly davuk in his rebbe, the Divrei Yoel of Satmar.” 

For many years, he davened at the Krula Beis Medrash on 11th Avenue. In later years, he moved to the 15th Avenue area, davening in Sighet, where the levaya was held on Tuesday morning, and he was given a kovod acharon by his family and numerous friends and admirers, and he was laid to rest on the Kiryas Yoel Beis Hachaim. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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