BDE: Rebbetzin Hinda Kohn of Toldos Aaron, a”h, Stood at her Husband’s side for 50 years

BDE: Rebbetzin Hinda Kohn of Toldos Aaron, a”h, Stood at her Husband’s side for 50 years

BY: Boropark24 Staff

A pall of mourning and sadness descended upon the Toldos Aaron chassidus, its many admirers around the world, and the large families related to the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin, who was nifteres this evening, days away from her 74th birthday.

She was born in Germany, in the months following the war, to her parents, Rebbe and Rebbetzin Naftoli Tzvi Labin, zt”l, Admor of Zidichoiv, who were extremely active in rebuilding Yiddishkeit among the survivors.

From there, they moved to Eretz Yisroel, where she was raised. Then her mother fell ill, and was London for treatments. The Rebbetzin picked herself up, and took over the reins of her family, helping to raise her brothers and sisters who were soon orphaned.

Chessed, and caring for the less fortunate, became her defining characteristic—her mission in life. “She carried hundreds of names of needy people in her mind at every moment,” recalled a nephew. She lived an elevated and holy life… not from this world.”

In 1966, she married her illustrious husband, the current Admor of Toldos Aaron.

She moved to America, along with her siblings and her husband, who opened the Toldos Aaron Shul in Monsey. Here, the Rebbe dedicated himself to Torah and avodah in the serenity and the quiet of Monsey. The Rebbe’s avodah during those years was legendary… spending all day and night immersed in learning and davening.

It was his Rebbetzin who stood at his side, taking care of his every need, while raising the children, and keeping a home that was open to one and all.

Her dedication continued when she became rebbetzin of the entire chassidus—spreading her supportive role to the entire chassidus, caring for everyone in the chassidus as a mother to her children. The Rebbetzin’s tefillos were a legend for themselves. She spent hours in heartfelt tefillah on behalf of the chassidim, and on behalf of Klal Yisroel.

She was stricken with the terrible machlah a number of years ago. She accepted her incredible suffering with complete grace, dignity, and the emunah for which she was known all her life.

Her condition deteriorated in recent days, and her illustrious husband did not move from her bedside, until she returned her pure neshomoh to its maker this evening.

Her levaya tomorrow morning is expected to draw massive crowds, as she will be mourned by the Rebbe, his chassidim, and the entire Yerushalmi community.

Yehi zichra baruch.

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