Beware: EBT Skimming Devices Found In Kosher Groceries

Beware: EBT Skimming Devices Found In Kosher Groceries

By Idy Perl

In an alarming revelation that spread like wildfire, multiple EBT skimming devices have been discovered in heimishe grocery stores across local neighborhoods.

There had been warnings in recent months about the possibility of such incidents, but last Friday, it became a reality as a suspect was observed slipping a skimming device onto a card reader at the Pomegranate supermarket in Flatbush.

Following this incident, several other stores have reported checking and finding their EBT devices compromised by thieves, endangering the crucial funds meant to support large families in need.

EBT customers are advised to check their balance and make sure it’s not lower than it should be. If any suspicious activity is found, change the PIN number immediately and report your card as stolen, even if you still have the actual card. To report a stolen card or change your PIN go to or call EBT customer service at 888-328-6399. 

Grocery owners should check EBT devices at least once a day to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with. Another idea is to place an original sticker on the device, with the current date, this helps instill a sense of security for users when swiping their cards, knowing that they are using the original device.

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