Beyond the Abode: How A Sukkah in Boro Park Upholds its 40-year Tradition of Inspiring its Guests

Beyond the Abode: How A Sukkah in Boro Park Upholds its 40-year Tradition of Inspiring its Guests

It is one of Boro Park’s most legendary Sukkos, a place that has captured the imagination of Boro Park’s children and adults alike; the Sukkah of the Fromowitz family, which has now graciously welcomed guests for forty years. 

Throughout the decades, the tradition has grown more and more widespread, as word has spread about this unique, holy dwelling which so beautifies this special mitzvah, and like the tent of Avrohom Avinu, is open to all. 

This tradition of beautifying the sukkah with exquisite and imaginative decorations is something that its host, Reb Yisroel Asher Fromowitz has grown up with.“Growing up, my parents also invested great efforts into the sukkah,” he relates, “and the tradition has taken root within our family.” Since that time, he has built upon that those roots, utilizing the gamut of tools to present a breathtaking display of the beauty of Yiddishkeit right within the family’s sukkah. 

The Sukkah is like a miniature museum, with painstakingly conceived and assembled exhibits. 

The scenes depict inspiring stories and concepts from Chazal, and from Jewish history throughout the ages. They seek to inspire the visitors by bringing the messages to life in the most vivid way. 

One example of this is an elaborately created amusement park, with tiny, perfectly-replicated miniature rides—replete with lighting and coloring, and animated by electrical power. But there, in the corner is a Beis Medrash and a Sukkah.. subtly communicating the real priorities and values of Torah Yidden. 

Other exhibits featured a man with his tools going up and down a ladder as he builds his sukkah. Another beautifully crafted exhibit is a rotating stage, divided with different stories from the Torah and Chazal. 

The numerous exhibits are all three-dimensional, and truly breathtaking in their beauty and intricacy … and this is what continues to draw the visitors for the delightful Yom Tov tradition. 

“We welcome the visitors at no charge, and we take joy in the fact that this brings them delight. Sukkos is zman simchaseinu,” explains Mr. Fromowitz, “and we seek to bring simcha to all our visitors through our efforts each and every year.” 

The entire community is welcome to visit the Fromowitz sukkah at 1338 54th Street

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