BOE Updates Tomorrow: Democratic Mayoral Primary Election Results

BOE Updates Tomorrow: Democratic Mayoral Primary Election Results

     The Board of Elections (BOE) will provide New York City, tomorrow, with updated election results that will include some, but not all, of the absentee ballots that will determine the winner of the Democratic mayoral primary.

     Before the BOE started counting the city’s 125,000 absentee ballots on June 29, the margins for the race were quite tight: Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams was ahead of former sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia by approximately 15,000 votes after 11 rounds of ranked-choice tabulation.

     In turn, Garcia held only approximately a 350-vote lead over Maya Wiley, former lawyer for Mayor Bill de Blasio, for second place.

     The winner of the Democratic mayoral primary will likely hinge on the results of the absentee ballots, which were disproportionally cast in Manhattan.

     In addition to counting the considerable number of absentee ballots, the BOE had to re-run its tabulations last week after an initial miscalculation due to the inclusion of test ballots.

     The BOE does not expect to have official election results until July 12: a week from today.

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