Boro Park Cafe Posts Sign that Welcomes Concealed Carried Guns

Boro Park Cafe Posts Sign that Welcomes Concealed Carried Guns

By Yehudit Garmaise

On top of a sign that tells customers that the restaurant’s bagels and baguettes are baked in a dairy oven, the management of Corner Cafe, which is located at 2 Ditmas Ave. in Boro Park, posted another sign that reads, “Concealed carry weapons are welcome here.”  

The Corner Café, on Ditmas Ave, posted its sign after the New York legislature gathered on Wednesday to determine exactly where New Yorkers can carry guns in public. 

The US Supreme Court ruled on June 23 that ordinary residents can obtain licenses to carry guns outside their homes when deemed necessary for self-defense.

Before last week’s ruling, New Yorkers had to prove that they faced “unusual threats to their safety” to carry handguns.

Wanting to protect the rights of property owners who do not want firearms on their premises, among other statewide restrictions and training requirements, Gov. Hochul wants to establish the presumption that most New York business owners do not want employees nor customers carrying guns. 

Entrepreneurs who do not mind seeing guns around their places of business will have to post signs that say something to the effect of, "Concealed weapons are welcome here."

“As soon as I heard Gov. Hochul’s requirements, I put up the sign right away,” the owner of Corner Cafe told BoroPark24. “ I trust the vetting process that goes into getting gun permits, so any law abiding citizen who got a permit is allowed in my place, but not the terrorists who buy guns on the corners to shoot up stores and schools. “The more legal guns we have on the streets, the faster we are able to stop those who try to terrorize our neighborhoods.”

New York would be the first state to pass a law that only allows concealed weapons in businesses that explicitly welcome them, David Pucino, the deputy chief counsel for Gifford’s Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence told Fox News.

In other states in which residents can carry firearms, businesses that do not want guns on their premises are required to post signs that say that firearms are not allowed.

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