Boro Park Snapshot: Perfect Collision

Eli Berger worked for Prima Collision before opening his own shop 12 years ago with Yanky Lipschitz at 1555 60th street.

This isn’t just a repair shop, when someone gets into an accident Perfect Collision takes care of everything. They will send a tow truck to have your car picked up, they will find you a rental and make the call to your insurance. The only thing you need to do is have their number programmed in your phone.

Once the insurance company does an inspection it will take between 10 and 15 days to have the car repaired.

With a consistent 15 employees working every day, you are guaranteed the quickest and most efficient service.

There are full time on-site painters and cleaning services that will have your car looking brand new.

“Whether we can fix it or not, whether we will make money, you can count on us to be there.” Yanky told Heshy Rubinstein of “Not always will we make a profit, if we send a tow truck somewhere far and the damage cost a lot to repair we won’t be earning much, but either way we will always service you.”

He recently had a man from Flatbush call. The guy was driving to Chicago and got into an accident more than three hours out, Yanky had his car picked up, found him something to rent and had the vehicle repaired and returned less than two weeks later.

“This wasn’t a money-making situation, we promise you our service and we will always pull through with that.” Yanky stated.

Perfect Collision’s exposure is run by word of mouth making it crucial for them to please their customers and they definitely do.

On Chol Hamoed Pesach, a man was on his way to the shiva of his brother who passed away from the novel coronavirus. “This guy got into an accident on the Belt Parkway, he called us and we were immediately at the scene, we took his car, got him something new to drive and within 15 minutes he was back on his way.” Mr. Lipschitz said. Two weeks later, when he came to pick up his car, he told Yanky he was a “malach fun Himmel.”

Perfect Collision was open during the coronavirus lockdown as an essential business. Proper precautions were in place to ensure safety such as face masks, use of disinfectant sprays and social distancing. They weren’t too busy but Yanky said that when they did get jobs, it was always something big. “I guess people were very antsy because the cars that came in during that time were extremely damaged.”

Perfect Collision works directly with rental car companies like Enterprise and others so you can conveniently rent a car through them.

You know you can trust Yanky when you ask him about car parts and he starts to name every last screw and nail that goes into its production.

It is a very interesting business because every car that comes in has a story. “We once repaired a car that hit a deer, the deer flew over the windshield and into the car through the sunroof. It was a mess. If it weren’t terrifying it would be funny. Definitely one of my more interesting days at work.”

Years ago, tow trucks would race to accidents in order to pick up cars. It was chaos, these big trucks would speed through streets and a lot of the time their service did more harm than good. The city made it illegal for them to come within 1500 ft of an accident and the madness slowed down.

In Boro Park and Flatbush most people have a company to call when they are in trouble, towing businesses know this and because of that they aren’t around and our neighborhoods remain safe.

The way it works now is, the police use DARP, a list of towing companies, for service at the scene of an accident. If the crash is minor, the victim can call the company of their choice. “People know us and our service, so they choose to reach out to us and like I said, once they make that phone call their work is done, we take care of everything.”

Getting into an accident can be very nerve-wracking, Perfect Collision is here to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

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