Boro Park Snapshot: Petal Pride

Boro Park Snapshot: Petal Pride

By Yehudit Garmaise

      Cheerful yellow Gerbera Daisies, elegant white Lilies, classic red roses, and fresh lilies with every shade of pink are just of the few of lush flowers from which customers can choose at Petal Pride, which is located on 4828 New Utrecht Ave.

    In December of 1998, Reb Mendel Elbogen decided to open Petal Pride to better support his 12 children after working as the gabbei at the Congregation Sanz Klausenburg, which is located at 1420 50th St.

   Why the flower business?

   “My father liked that flowers don’t have to have a hechsher,” said Yunty Elbogen, who works in the store with his father and his brother, Isaac, who are all Sanz Chassidim. “We like that in a flower store, everybody is welcome. 

    “We take all kinds of people.”

     Although the Elbogens modestly describe themselves as providing the standard florist services: providing flowers for parties and Shabbos tables, one service that Mr. Elbogen didn’t even mention was Petal Pride’s specialty, which is to create for simchas dream-like, magical, dramatic, and show-stopping backdrops, settings, and chuppahs that are made of combinations of flowers, candles, and plants.

    In fact, Mr. Elbogen loves simchas so much that he said that they are the best part of working in the flower business.

   “We only hear good news,” Mr. Elbogen said with a smile. “Someone is always getting engaged, getting married, or someone had a baby, Baruch Hashem.”

   No matter the simcha, the Shabbos, or the Yom Tov, Mr. Elbogen said that Petal Pride does it all.

   “We do everything: from A to Z,” said Elbogen, who delivers all throughout New York City and New Jersey. “Weddings, tenoims, bar mitzvahs, sheva brachos, birthday parties, and of course, lekavud Shabbos and Yom Tov.”   

   For arrangements, people can come in and tell the Elbogens what they like and what makes them happy, or alternatively, Petal Pride has secret weapon: Mrs. Elbogen, who is Mr. Mendel Elbogen’s wife, the mother of Yunty and Isaac, and a designer and a consultant who skillfully uses different shapes, colors, and textures to envision her beautiful creations.

  If Mr. Elbogen could tell customers one thing about ordering flowers when they are making simchas, it would be, "Just relax."

   “People can leave the job up to us,” Mr. Elbogen said. “We are going to make it great for you. Customers just have to tell us what they like, the colors they want to use, the amount of money they want to spend, and we do the rest.”

   One fun and interesting trend for winter flower arrangements made at Petal Pride is the use of thin white branches that are artfully arranged with flowers in “winter colors,” in jewel tones, such as sapphire blue, ruby red, purple, emerald green, hot pink, bright navy, and silver.  

   In addition to selling fresh flowers, Petal Pride sells other gifts, such as plants, artificial plants, candles, teddy bears, and balloons.

   Although the Elbogens use artificial, silk flowers to make their settings for simchas, customers also can buy silk flowers to decorate tables and other surfaces in their homes. 

    To make nice displays for silk flower arrangements, Petal Pride sells vases and stands on which to put the flower arrangements.  

    “We are open six days a week, we give good service, and we try to make our customers happy,” Mr. Elbogen said simply.

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