Boro Park Snapshot: Zoom kosher food station

Boro Park Snapshot: Zoom kosher food station

A gas station is really a place you go to fill your car up with gas. But who doesn’t love a gas station where you can also pick up a delicious fresh meal?

Gas stations have been selling food for decades, however this is one of the first times they are serving a full kosher menu.

The Exxon gas station, previously Getty, is around for about thirty years, the Zoom store was opened around five years ago, in 2015. It is a gas station located restaurant. They are open 24 hours at 4302 Fort Hamilton Parkway. Located near the 45th street and New Utrecht Avenue train stop. They are a breakfast, lunch and dinner spot. Serving all kinds of foods throughout the day.  

Moshe Green, from Zoom, says “we have diesel gas also, so we are servicing many of the yeshiva buses.”

There are ten parking spots including one handicap spot. They have eight gas pumps along with air and vacuums on site. This gas station really offers customers a very convenient and pleasant experience.

They have all kinds of dairy and pareve food from bagels and salads to fish and hot soup. They sell all kinds of cold and hot drinks like iced coffee and hot cocoas. They even have sugar free options. 

They also sell ready-made sandwiches and salads for a quick check out. They have a really large menu, giving an option for every craving.

“We have many specials. Our lunch special, we serve fish along with two side dishes and we have a huge selection to choose from.”

Zoom offers free coffee to any first responders. This includes Hatzolah members, Shomrim, EMS, nurses… they also offer them a 10% discount on all of their fresh food.

Zoom offers so much making you’re mundane act of filling up gas so much more than just that.

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