BoroPark24 and Local Leaders Advocate for Summer Driving Safety

BoroPark24 and Local Leaders Advocate for Summer Driving Safety

By Idy Perl

As the summer outdoor season arrives, BoroPark24 has collaborated with notable public figures to remind the community about driving safety and the importance of slowing down for bicycle and scooter riders.

“Later this afternoon, thousands of children will take to the streets playing ball, riding their bikes, and having a good time,” Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein says. “Let’s all take it upon ourselves to do our due diligence in being a bit more cautious, drive a bit slower… we’re doing it for our children.”

“In this time of the year, it’s such a pleasure to see all the children after school playing around,” Yosef Rappaport, a Boro Park resident, tells BoroPark24. “But I’m always afraid that something will happen. I feel very threatened. I'm always afraid something is gonna happen any day,” he shared.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is passionate about this topic as well and joined the safety video to spread the message. “Slow down, be cautious, and look out for your fellow Boro Park residents,” Mayor Eric Adams warns.

“Our priority is your priority, and together we can work to make this a safer community,” Captain Kenneth Herrarte, Commanding Officer of the NYPD 66th Precinct, concluded.

Stay safe!

Video shooting by: Zevi Klein/BoroPark24

Video editing by: TwoTone Media

Video sponsor: Chef Mocha. To contact them, click here.

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