Boyaner Rebbe Appoints son as Rov of Chassidus in United States

Boyaner Rebbe Appoints son as Rov of Chassidus in United States

By: Yehuda Alter

It was with great emotion that The Boyaner kehillah in Brooklyn received the message from the Boyaner Rebbe shlita, through the Boyaner Rosh Yeshiva, that he has formally appointed his son as the Rov of the Boyaner chassidim in the United States.

He will take the place of Haga’on Rag Eliezer Eichler, zt”l, who had served in this position for decades, until his passing.

Particularly poignant is the fact that the Rebbes son, Rav Mordechai Shloime, is named for his great grandfather, the previous Boyaner Rebbe, who led the chassidim on the Lower East Side.

There have been rumors about this move for a number of years now, and Rav Mordechai Shloime has visited the American community a number of times. He is known to carry the royalty of Ruzin that so defined the Boyaner Rebbeim, and as a phenomenal orator and mashpiah.

This new leadership is anticipated to breathe new life into everyday life of chassidus in America.

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