BREAKING: BACK TO THE 70’s; Shooting at Fourth Avenue Station by Masked Gunman Leaves Multiple Injured

BY: Boropark24 Staff

Amid a rising crime wave, with gun violence at levels unseen since the 70’s—when the city was engulfed in crime and violence—comes the news this morning of a horrific shooting around 8:30 this morning at the train station on Fourth Avenue and 36th Street.

The perpetrator was described as a heavyset black male, around 5” 5’ in height, and weighing about 135-180 lbs. He was wearing an orange construction vest, and a gas mask completely covering his face.

The madman left a reported 7 injury victims, with 3 in critical condition

Traumatized onlookers gave conflicting information as to his direction of escape—but he is being hunted at this moment by NYPD and FBI who were on the scene immediately. Some reports say the FDNY, also on the scene, is working on diffusing explosive devices in the area.

No motive for the shooting is known at this moment.

We will bring you all details as they unfold.

Photos by: Dovid Jaroslawicz/BP24

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